Friday, October 22, 2010

It's a.....

I know i haven't even posted that I'm pregnant with #5, so this is kinda a 2 in 1 post!  So, I'm about 19 weeks pregnant, and that makes the due date around March 20th.  i was hoping for a boy, SO BAD.  derek was praying for a girl.  (he thinks raising a teenage boy would be torture!)  katelyn and annie were hoping and literally praying for a little brother.  sami thought it would be a girl.  so we took all the girls (except katelyn) to the ultrasound.  the technician was awesome.  he asked if we wanted to know the sex and when we said yes he did that first.  all the other times the techs have made us wait until the very end of the ultrasound to find out... which is torture!  so the tech tells us the baby is spread-eagle and it could be a really ugly girl, but he was 98% sure it was a BOY!  i started laughing and derek was in shock.  it was hilarious!  he really never thought we would have a boy.  he was happy the baby is healthy, but i think it took him a good day to get really excited.  now he's always telling me to "take care of his boy."  after the ultrasound we took the girls to maverick to get a treat.  we decided to get katelyn a blue icee to tell her.  when we got home she run up to the car and asked what it was.  derek handed her the icee and i asked her what color it was.  she looked at it and then started laughing and crying.  she was so happy!!!!  i wish i had her reaction on video... it was priceless!  anyway, we are all really excited!  kristina and shanna are both having boys too, so it works out perfectly!

ok, a little behind

here's the past few months in a nutshell... i feel like i start posts like this a lot!
we've spent some time being sick.

 we've spent a lot of time at the lake with friends.

 we've spent time together... fixing things!
 our sweet alexis turned 2 on august 28th.  we gave her a kitchen (with help from grandma & grandpa o. and great grandma helen).   elea, jeff, and nina gave her food to go with the kitchen.

 grandma & grandpa sullivan gave her new clothes... which she loved!! 
 then she got to talk to them on the webcam...  um, ya!

 not sure how to comment on these two silly girls!!  they must get it from grandpa sullivan!

derek's gone fishing.
 the 3 older girls played soccer... we were down at the fields monday - thursday for about 2 months!
 the little girls have danced.
and we can't forget derek's fantasy football draft!