Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

on saturday, april 11th our neighborhood had an egg hunt. the girls had fun playing with their friends, hunting eggs, and doing crafts.

i've been waiting for today for WEEKS now!! i found these dresses and got so excited because, as you can see, i was able to get the same one for each of my girls!! it's so hard to find matching things for alexis and this was a total score!! anyway, i love to dress them up and i have to admit...they look pretty stinkin' cute! (derek's been telling me pride is never good, but oh well. i'm very proud to be these little girls' mom!)

derek's the one beaming with pride...can't you see it?! he loves his little girls.

we had stake conference today, and i have to document my children's behavior. IT WAS THE BEST EVER!! i don't know why or what or who...they were so good. no crying, talking in a normal voice after being told to whisper, no tantrums, pinching, holding of breath, fighting. anyway, today they were cute and well behaved...MIRACLES!! (oh, and all their hair got done and we were early enough for our meeting to sit in the cultral hall. HA)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2 words...cake pops

(thanks a lot carissa!!)

Sami and her blankies

samantha is very attached to her blanket. i don't even remember where it came from. i think i may have bought it for annie, but annie chose a different one. anyway...sami got a big piece of gum smashed into it. i'm sure there is a trick to getting it out...but honestly i'm glad for a reason to get rid of it and start fresh!! it used to be soft and fluffy. now even after i wash it it's dingy and crunchy!! ha ha (not a pretty picture...i know!) so today we went to walmart and samantha picked out a new blankie. she's into Dora right now, so she was super happy with what she found. the old one is the pink/flower one on the left.she wasn't even sad to throw it away!
this is for my own personal journaling...
katelyn had a little brown dog (thank you mom) and she sucked her thumb. we would lose that stupid little dog ALL THE TIME and katelyn would cry until it was found. i started to cut chunks of it off when she was about 18 months old. by the time she was 2 there was only a little square piece of material left, and then i took it away and told her her puppy went bye-bye. she cried and had a hard time sleeping 1 ngiht. after that she got over it and never sucked her thumb again!
annie started out with a cream blanket with teddy bears on it, and she LOVED her bink. after about a year the blanket was disgusting (she chewed on it) so i chuck it and bought her a new one, but it was the same exact blanket. when she was about 4 we chucked that one and she picked out a princess blanket. she has to sleep with it and it has to be laid on top if her a certain way. princess side up and the tag has to be down by her feet. (when she turned 2 i took the bink away. she had a few rough nights and nap times. we had bought and lost tons of them, and she would be in her room playing and come out with a bink...causing the drama all over because i would make her throw them away!
you know sam's blanket situation. she also used a bink. at 18 months old i took it away and she didn't even care. i'm pretty sure she sucked on the stupid thing because she thought i wanted her too!!!
alexis...loves her bink. not sure what other thing she'll be attached to. she has a blanket, a little tiny blanket with tags sewn on the edges, a little baby doll, and a sock monkey. any of those things i would be fine with her getting attached too!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

external drive update

we have a genius of a friend. he was able to get us about 99% of our files. i am so relieved. i can't even tell you. derek and i have just spend the last hour looking at all our kids little baby pictures. I AM SO HAPPY THEY WERE NOT LOST FOREVER!!! thank you danny...seriously can't say it enough!


kristina and elea came and stayed for 10 days a couple weeks ago. it was alot of fun. we liked to put the 2 babies together and see how they interacted! they were having fun during nakey time before their bath!
i don't know how to little girls with such similar genes (moms married to brothers) could be so different!!!

i've been pretty bad about doing samantha's hair. recently she's been asking me to do it. on days she fights me on it i just have to ask her if she wants me to do her hair like a princess and then she's all about it!!

above her shirt says "sometimes sassy always sweet". it should be "always sassy sometimes sweet"!!!

alexis and her daddy! she loves to feel derek's head after he has shaved it. when he rubs her hands on his head and face she cracks up laughing!

katelyn, annie and i had fun with the camera the other day. the girls like taking turns snapping pictures. annie cracks me up....she can pull the funniest faces. katelyn's signature move is crosseyes!!!

i keep all my photos and video in my external hard drive. i never thought to back it up...i didn't know an external hard drive could fail. well they can. best buy was going to charge me $550 minimum to retrieve the files. we have a friend who sorta does computer stuff as a hobby and he has the drive right now. i'm praying he can get the files for me. we just signed up with i know between derek's parents, my parents, and kristina there are lots of pics of my girls out there. i'll just be hard broken if we've lost the video derek took the day each of the girls was born...well, i guess they're not lost. it'll just be years before i will be able to spend that amount of $$$ to get them. anyway...

alexis's bottom 2 teeth broke through a couple of weeks ago. i don't know if she is starting to get her top teeth, if she can just feel her bottom teeth, or if she just like a new trick she learned...but she is always making a kissy/fish face!! it is hilarious!

we hope everyone had a good conference weekend. one of my favorite quotes of conference is "if you feel like groaning try to laugh instead."