Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Catching Up

fun times at Music Time (aka Cherubs). every wednesday morning there was a "mommy and me" music time at the village green club house. samantha liked singing and playing with friends there... well for the first 20 minutes or so. she usually started getting crazy at about 20 minutes into it so i'd have to drag her home!! below are pics of our last time at Cherubs.
(below) Allie with her 3 boys Jackson, Easton, and Creighton
Janel with Kambryn and Jantsen (and a bun in the oven!!!)
Angie w/Lucy and bun in the oven!! Shauna w/ Amelia and Ben
Bonnie organized all the music classes, and she did a great job. These kids with Samantha are all the birthdays that would pass in the summer when there aren't any music classes.
Allie's little "E-man"!! isn't his hair awesome?!
sami loved to "mother" kambryn. it was sweet, and kambryn was a pretty good sport about it. but sometimes i wondered if kambryn secretly hated it!!!!

this is a typical sprinkler/pool party in village green.

derek's graduation was may 15-16th (i still don't have any pictures of that yet). during that week we went to the zoo with the Goates. it was our last trip to the zoo. we had been there a million times and it was always a great place to burn a couple hours of an otherwise boring day. (i laugh every time i look at alex's sweet "gorilla pose"!!

the kids had to miss school for this zoo trip. annie's class happened to have their field trip to the zoo the same day. she decided to stay with her class... that's why she's not in any of the photos.
my 4 beautiful crazy girls! i think this was the morning of derek's hooding.
the girls sporting the new outfits grandma o. gave them when she came for derek's gradutaion.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


in downtown omaha there are these big slides. we heard about them the first year we lived in omaha, but it wasn't until our last month there that we finally went and checked them out. our kids loved them and went down there 3 times before moving. (once with a group of friends, once with our extended family, and once with the Goates. when we went witht the Goates we ate dinner on the grass and the kids fed the geese too.) i'm going to smash all the pics from the 3 trips into one post!!!
katelyn & annie
"WERD"! annie, katelyn, and samantah
annie & the back of katelyn's head!
alexis & jeff
jeff & samantha
derek & annie
annie & katelyn

jack & creigh
janel & kambryn
benson & jenny, creighton


allie & mitch
left to right: janel, kyle, kambryn, allie, derek, me, samantha, rich, shauna, tanner, benson, andrew. thank you jenny for taking the pic!
ben enjoying a chocolate chip cookie!


lots has happened since my last post. we have made the move to st. george. a lot earlier than originally planned, but that's how derek and i roll!! we never stick to a schedule. we're a bit too spontaneous. anyway, in the next few days i'm going to be playing catch up. mostly because i took some great pictures of our last adventures in omaha, and we past some serious milestones. samantha turned 3 and derek graduated from law school. there's no way this is all going to be in order... so just enjoy the pics!!!

May 9th we had a 3L BBQ. It ended up being the 3Ls in Village Green: Cummings, Goates, Evers, Newmans, Gordons, and us. (there were others there, but i'm just naming the ones in the pictures.)

here's all the kids!! I'm posting 2 pics of them because there wasn't one pic where all their faces could be seen!! Top: katie, travis, annie (holding elizabeth), alex, hazel (holding marcus), matt, katelyn (holding alexis), mary, ashley, josh. Botton: jackson, creighton, samantha, ben (holding amelia). (allie, janette, shauna, kathleen, me, heidi) Hot Law Wives!! (ladies... i need a pic of all the guys together, and any of us or the kids that are better than the ones i ended up with on my camera!)

on may 13th we had the dean's dinner. it was fun to hang out for one of the last times... *tear* derek came, but left early to play in one of his last college intramural softball games. (below: allie, kathleen, me, and shauna)
above: mitch, morgan, and rich (we missed you derek... and you missed out on yummy food!!)