Wednesday, February 27, 2008

happy 50th mom!!!

so, my mom is 50 today! nobody would know it. she looks fabulous and has aged VERY gracefully. i'm sitting in las vegas, and enjoying the fabulous weather, but i wish i was spending this day with my mom. we don't make a big fuss about birthdays in my family, but turning 50 is a big deal!!! anyway, i wanted to wish her a happy birthday. LOVE YOU MOM!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

yay for going on vacation!!

so we're flying to las vegas tomorrow, and then we're driving up to st. george. we'll be gone for a week. i'm super excited to go visit family, and spend some time in the sun! i'm not so excited about trying to keep my kids entertained on the airplane for 3+ hours. anyway, wish me luck! of the museum trip

Thursday, February 21, 2008

a day at the fabulous museum in lincoln

on tuesday my friend, shauna, and i took our kids to lincoln (about 45 minutes from omaha). in lincoln there's a giant children's museum, and we thought i would be good for all of us to get out of the house...especially since the kids didn't have school for so many days. anyway, the kids had a great time. shauna's little boys are alex (who is annie's age) and ben (who is a year older than samantha). annie and alex are best friends in the whole world!! they love each other. shauna and i have a secret hope that someday annie and alex will get married!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

did you say 28 degrees below 0???

ok, so seriously...this is getting just ridiculous. today i turned on the news and school got cancelled today because it's so cold. WHAT? ya, you heard me right. school's cancelled because it's so cold!!! so here in omaha we always get 2 temperatures. the actual temp and then the "it feels like" temp. i guess it's because of the humididty and artic wind chill. so today it is -7, but it feels like -28. jeff and kristina are moving back to queen creek, az, this summer. and i'm pretty sure next winter i'm going to be VERY jealous!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

i'm retarded

hey everyone! ok, long story short...somehow i erased all the blog addresses i had on my list. i've gone through and tried to find all the ones i could, but some i couldn't remember etc. please check my "fellow blogger" list, and if your name isn't there please leave me your blog address in the comments. thanks tons! i love being able to keep up with what everyone is up too.

Friday, February 15, 2008

happy valentines day!

derek and i always say, "don't get me anything", and then one of us sticks to it and the other one doesn't. well, this year i knew he wasn't getting me anything, and so i thought i would be tricky and get him something. so i went all out and bought him a huge reses's peanut butter cup in the shape of a heart. it was a whole $1.50!! so it was more for a joke since we promised to not get each other something, so i was feeling pretty funny! i knew derek hadn't got me anything because the poor guy never has time to go anywhere but to school and work. well, i forgot about internet shopping, and at 5pm the UPS guy stopped by our house and dropped off TWO DOZEN beautiful roses!! i have to admit...i'm a sucker for flowers. i love getting them! anyway, he totally one upped me!

we got the girls candy hearts, valentine's t-shirts, and we gave katelyn and annie best sister necklaces. one says "big sis" and the other says "lil sis". they are really cute and they girls haven't taken them off once! anyway, i hope everyone had a good valentine's day!!

ha ha ha...she got me!

at the pizza machine on annie's birthday we won a ridiculous amount of tickets, so the girls got a ton of prizes. one of the things katelyn picked out was a rubber lady bug...but it was pretty ugly. it looked more like a red spotted nasty beatle. i was telling katelyn she should sneak it onto her teacher's desk the next day (valentine's) and scare her. so yesterday morning katelyn called from school, and she sounded like she was crying. she said, "mom, i put the lady bug on ms. theimann's desk and she sent me to the principal's office for bringing a toy to school." i felt so bad, and then i started thinking that her teach was a total witch! well, a few seconds later i hear her whole class, including ms. theimann, cracking up laughing!!! katelyn was such a good actress!! i totally believed her! katelyn actually told her teach "my" plan but said she couldn't do it, so ms. theimann had her put it on another teacher's desk instead, and then they called me!!! good one katelyn!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

february 13th...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!!

i can't believe my little annie is 5 years old!! we went to the pizza machine (a glorified chuck e. cheese) and the girls had a blast! we won 1200 tickets...ha ha ha i think that is funny! annie got a dress from sullivan grandparents, money from the oliverson grandparents and great grandparents. from us she got make-up, and the high school musical sharpay barbie....these are the things she asked for. she is a girlie, girlie, girl!! oh, she also request a cake with a crown and a wand...she was a bit excited when she saw it!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

twilight series

ok, so i finally got suckered into reading stephanie meyer's twilight series. i resisted as long as possible because i kinda thought they sounded cheesy, and i was afraid that maybe they would be good and i would become obsessed. i'm a bit obsessive compulsive when i have to finish! and i also get so involved in the story i forget the characters aren't real. i've been dreaming about the stupid books now for 4 days! it's pretty annoying. anyway, i wanted to not like the books, but i have to admit...i really enjoyed reading them.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

new hair cut....YIKES!

ok, so my hair was really long, but let's be honest...long hair isn't really that pretty when it's always in a wet ponytail. i was sick of my hair, and always looking like a slob. on monday, without derek's permission or knowledge, i chopped my hair off. i like it so much better because i actually do my hair's so much faster. when derek came home from school that day he was a little annoyed, but he said he thinks it looks good. i'll let you be the judge...honest opinions please!!!

super bowl sunday aka derek's birthday!!!

on february 3rd (super bowl sunday) it was derek's 29th birthday! he really doesn't like being the center of attention so he made me promise not to tell anyone or doing anything tricky! but since it was the super bowl we still had some friends over. it was alot of fun. the other two guys' birthdays are this month too, so my friend allie made a cake and we sang happy birthday to all of them! i told derek next year he can forget about going through his birthday with no recongnition. we're gunna have a big old bash for his 30th!