Wednesday, September 24, 2008

week 3, and the freakin' faucet

alright, i'm having a serious problem getting this posted on monday...but at least i have been weighing myself on monday.

i was down 3 more pounds this week!! yea me!
62 - 3 = 59 lbs to go...

i think i owe this to the stress of moving. i was about to kill someone yesterday. i had to go to lowe's twice on monday, and 3 times yesterday trying to get our stupid kitchen sink faucet figured out. we have a sweet PORTABLE dishwasher that hooks up to the faucet. anyway, we wanted a new nice faucet, but 5 trips to lowe's, unfortunately a few swear words, and 3 faucets later we realized we need to stick with the most basic faucet. now i just need to get the rest of our pictures hung and we are totally done moving. phew...

Thursday, September 18, 2008


we are moving into our new place on saturday. this week has been totally insane. i'm ticked i didn't think to take before and after photos of the house. it's amazing how much better it looks now. we tore out all the carpet in the whole house. the only place there wasn't carpet was in the kitchen and bathrooms. under the carpet was really nice wood floors, so we are just leaving them. we are getting new carpet put on the stairs and in the basement. that's getting installed friday. we've painted every wall in the house. it's amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. it's a ton of work though. on monday my mom painted for about 12 hours, and on tuesday i did...taking breaks long enough to feed the baby. i replaced all of the hardware in the kitchen, and we got new faucets for the kitchen and downstairs bathroom. today a guy came and tore out both bathroom floors and the shower tile, and he should be done putting in the new tile tomorrow. my poor mom scrubbed the floors (we didn't cover them while we were painting!) and washed the blinds today. it's been stressful trying to get all of this done so quickly while juggling samantha and alexis, but it will be worth it in the end. i just want this weekend to get over with. moving is a nighmare. oh, and we are seriously not painting again until we can afford to pay someone else to do it!!!!!!! oh, i watch HGTV alot when i'm nursing...the changes we made in the house could seriously be on one of their shows!!! dang...i wish i would've taken pictures...

precious moments

(this one's for you..."you" know who you are!!) a friend of ours gave us this "blanket dress" as a gift for alex. it is so soft and comfy. it's one of my favorite things to put her in. i love it!!
kids are always so beautiful when they are sleeping!! ;)
samantha has been having a rough time. i think having a new baby in the house and moving is stressing her out!! she cries alot, and she hasn't beeen sleeping as long as she used to. she has never been mean to alexis though, and she is always willing to hold her and give her loves. i love this is so sweet.
alex stays awake a little bit more everyday. she is so stinkin' cute, and i swear she tries to smile already!!!

Week 2

ok, so this is being posted a little late. i did weigh myself on monday...this is just the first time i've had a chance to get on the computer for longer than 5 minutes.

i'm down 3 more lbs this weeks. so 65 - 3 = 62 lbs to go!

speaking of loosing weight...the biggest loser started this week. i love that's amazing to watch the people on that show change, and i would love to have a trainer kick my butt like that every day!!

(thank you jaimie!!!)

Monday, September 8, 2008


ok, i want to loose 78 lbs, and this week i'm down....drumroll please......13 lbs!!!

78-13=65 more to go (18 to pre-pregnancy weight)

ok, so i totally know that most of this is due to water weight...but i don't care!!! it's fabulous to have my small ankles and feet back. oh, and my wedding ring fits again.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

life sucks

today i was hanging out with the girls, and we were watching the disney channel. there was a commercial for the movie "life sized" and katelyn really wanted to watch it. so she got on the cable menu and started looking for it, because she wanted to record it on the DVR. after a few minutes she started getting really frustrated. i asked her what was wrong, and she said, "i can't find the movie 'life sucks'." ha ha i started cracking up and told her it was called "life sized". i have a couple of things to say about that. first, why would my daughter want to watch a movie called "life sucks", and second...what kind of mother am i if my 7 year old doesn't think twice if there really was a disney movie called that?! ha ha

true blond

annie is a pretty smart girl. she is obsessed with learning how to spell things, and she loves doing simple addition. she's been doing great in all day kindergarten. but man, that girl is a total blond!! today katelyn and she went with my mom to the gas station to get a slushy. on the front window on the store there was a poster of a little girl who is missing.
katleyn: "look grandma."
annie: "what does it say?"
grandma: "that little girl is missing."
annie: "missing what?"

this cracked me up...she is so funny. she says stuff like this all the time.

funny girl

we have decided to move from our 2 bedroom townhouse into a 4 bedroom that's across the street. i thought we could handle 6 of us living in a 2 bedroom, but i was totally delusional!! anyway, some friends wanted to come over and see our place last night because they're interested in buying it. while they were here samantha was sitting on the family room floor coloring with her crayola washable markers. she colored her pants, socks, the couch, and some other random things. one of our friends brought a can of diet pepsi with her, and she sat it on the table while they were looking at the house. she told us later that when she got home her hand was all black. she finally realized that samantha had been stealing drinks of her diet pepsi and left her marker hand prints all over the can!!!! ha ha

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

coming home, first bath, new name, weight loss

Going Home
this time around i stayed in the hospital for 2 nights. with the other 3 girls i was tapping my toes waiting for the first 24 hours to end to i could get home. this time i needed the full 48 hours, but then i was ready to come home. samantha kind of freaked out when i got home. she wouldn't stop crying and if my mom got anywhere near her she would flip out. it's kind of like that still. if sam and my mom are alone then sami is so good for her, but if i'm in the room she is mean to my mom. apparently samantha doesn't realize how lucky we are to have grandma here for as long as we do!!! samantha did one of the funniest things the day we came home from the hospital. i was feeding alexis and sam got her car seat, dragged it up on to the couch next to me and said, "baby in, baby in." ya, she was ready for the baby to leave after being home for about 5 minutes!!! i've been trying really hard to spend time with samantha and let her know she's still loved...i'm pretty sure she still thinks alexis rained on her parade!!! getting into the lotion is the most naught thing she's done while i've been i'm thankful for that!!

baths are SO relaxing
alexis already likes her baths. out tub is perfect because even with it pretty full the water still doesn't get up to her belly button/cord. so she is still really warm. she looks so tiny wrapped up in derek's hands. i want time to stop for just a little while, so we can really enjoy alexis being so little.

McKenzie is now Alexis
When we found out our baby was a girl Derek loved the name Alexis, with the nickname Lexie. I really liked Alexis too, but Lexie was way to popular for me. So, with a lot of "discussing" Derek agreed to use the name McKenzie. Well, Derek and the girls don't call her McKenzie...they've been calling her Kenzie...which I am not a fan. Then on Monday Derek called her Lexie about 5 times on accident. Later that night he was sitting here looking at her and I asked him what he was thinking about. He told me she's an Alexis, not a McKenzie. I told him too bad!! (My mom was not part of that conversation.) Yesterday I was holding McKenzie and I asked my mom if she could take her. She said, "Come here my little LEXIE."!!!! So, with much hesitation, mostly because it feels weird to call her something different after 5 days, we are officially changing Mckenzie's name to Alexis. Katelyn and Annie haven't had one problem with the change, and actually Samantha can say Lexie much easier than Kenzie. Oh, one more thing...Derek doesn't agree, but I'm totally fine with Alexis being called Alex! I think that would go really cute with Sam.

Weight to be Lost.....
i meant to post this on monday...just because it was september 1st...the start of a new month. but this will be just as good. i am on a quest to finally loose the weight i have been wishing was gone since after katelyn was born. the weight i have been disgusted by for 7 years. now that baby number 4 is here, and i'm almost certain ("almost" because derek's not on board yet!!) i will never be fat and pregnant again i am ready to get back down to my "normal" weight. i'm asking all of you for your support. even if you're somebody who found this blog through a friend of a nosey and keep checking up on me!! every monday morning i'm going to weigh myself and then post how much i lost or gained that week. (sorry, but i'm not going to tell you my actually weight!!) my goal is to loose 78 pounds from what i was when i weighed myself on monday. so, in about 2 months when i've burned out, or thanksgiving treats are looking very enticing don't let me off the hook. maybe if i'm brave....i'll take before pics and when i reach my goal i'll post them. actually...that might make you hope i never reach my goal!! ha ha ha