Friday, March 28, 2008

ultrasound. it's a....

on wednesday i had my first ultrasound. i couldn't sleep on tuesday night because i was so anxious to find out what the sex of the baby is. i was way excited during the whole ultrasound, and then to make a long story short...the tech refused to try to see the baby's "parts". she had the perfect shot (good enough that i saw what the baby was) then she moved away from that spot and flipped the machine off. then she proceeded to tell us that the baby was too small and to come back in a few weeks, pay $50, and she would check again. I WAS SO MAD! what made it worse was that a couple of my really good friends who go to the same doc had the same thing happen to them. one of my friends watched my girls wednesday morning and she said, "i hope she tells you what the baby is, but she'll probably tell you to come back in a few weeks and pay $50 to check again." i was so ticked was all i could do to not have a hysterical fit! derek convinced me to call my doc and tell him...i kind of felt like a 5 year old tattling, but i called him anyway. that just shows you how mad i was!! my doc was great about it, and he got really mad happens that i'm the 2nd person to complain, and it made him wonder how many patients were unhappy with their ultrasound, but just didn't tell him. he also had me come in yesterday (thursday) for another ultrasound to find out what the baby is....drum roll please.......IT'S A GIRL!!!!!! ha ha ha derek and i are actually really happy about it, and actually not surprised at all. this morning it dawned on me that i will have 4 girls' hair to do...and i couldn't go back to sleep. katelyn is really disappointed, but i think the idea will grow on her!! anyway, we really need help finding a pretty name...first and middle, and something that doesn't sound retarded with oliverson. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


even though we celebrate with candy and new dresses, we truly recognize the real reason for Easter. i'm very grateful for the knowledge i have that the Savior died, but then was resurrected after 3 days. i know that we all have the opportunity to live again someday. i hope every one had a good Easter, and that the true meaning of Easter can be a source of peace in your lives.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

NCAA tournament

an attorney derek works with gave him 2 tickets to the 2nd round of the NCAA tournament at the Omaha Quest Center. it's pretty exciting because it's sold out and those tickets are going for about $300 a piece on ebay. i'm really excited to go do something with derek...and NO KIDS! ha ha plus, tonight UNLV plays, and even though i'm not a hard core fan it would be great to see them win. i remember watching them win the championship when i was little!! it's was awesome. anyway, if you're watching the game keep and eye out for derek and me!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scentsy Party

so, i'm finally having my 1st Scentsy Event of the year!! i've been a slacker! anyway, i thought i would share the invite i made. also, if any of you are interested let me know. the stuff really is fabulous, and i always get compliments about how my house and car smell!!

seriously addicted

i mentioned before that derek got me adobe photoshop elements for my birthday. well, that would be the reason i have failed to do anything else!! every free second i get i'm scrapbooking away. luckily i'm not spending anymore money, because i've found every scrapbooking supply i could possibly ever need online for free. it has been costing me alot of time, BUT i have made a pretty good progress. i am trying to catch up on about 6 years!!! so, if i'm failing to blog that would be why. if i can figure out how to do it...i'll post some of the pages i've made. for those of you who like to digitally scrapbook you have to check out it's the best.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Saturday, March 8, 2008

28 is great?

the 7th was my b-day. it was a normal day, but the night was way fun. derek and the girls gave me adobe photoshop elements and a new iron! (i'm such a mom!!) then i went out to dinner and to the carrie underwood/keith urban concert with some girlfriends. it was a blast. i totally took my camera, but when i tried to take my first pic at the concert i remembered i forgot to get my battery out of the charger. GGGGGRRRRRRRR... i am so bugged! anyway, i was really impressed with keith urban. he sounded amazing, and he can rock on his guitar. i had no idea how great he can play. one of my friends took alot of pics, so when she emails them to me i'll post them.

thanks to derek for getting me adobe elements. i went to a class in st. george about digital scrapbooking. i've NEVER been one to scrapbook. i hate dragging all the crap out and then having to clean it all up, only being able to do it at night time when the girls are asleep etc... so i have not scrapbooked one time since katleyn was 1 year old. her first year is done and then after that nothing!! anyway, digital scrapbooking is right up my isle. no mess, no unfixable mistakes, and i can stop in the middle of a project and come back to it whenever. so i'm very excited about my birthday present!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

i'm finally aloud to tell....

so baby #4 is on the way!!! i'm 13 weeks and 3 days (and every day counts!!) i've kinda been ready to blab the news for awhile now, but derek wanted to wait. it didn't help his case at all that i'm all ready looking pleasantly plump. his mom and dad totally noticed, but were much to polite to say anything. so when i finally convinced derek that i really didn't want everyone thinking i was just getting fat he agreed to tell his family!! so there you have it. i'm due september 4th. we're definatley finding out the sex of the little thing...i think we both are figuring it will be another girl...and we're both really ok with that. we shall see!!