Monday, January 31, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

every morning sam and lex have hot chocolate and either a waffle, pop tart, bowl of dry cereal... 
they both sleep in their underwear and wake up freezing so they snuggle up to watch shows!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Derek and Angie

The Dad
 The Pregnant Mom...  33 weeks.
i guess the parents of this family should be documented once in awhile... even though i'm making the dumbest face ever!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Samantha and her Puzzles

samantha is a very smart, intense little girl.  she got a bunch of puzzles for Christmas that are pretty difficult, and if uninterrupted (by little sister) she will sit for as long as it takes to figure them out.  the problem is... once she does a puzzle a couple times she has it memorized and then it doesn't entertain her as long!!  

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to the family lil' Clayne Jeffery!!

yesterday at 9:17am Kristina gave birth to Clayne Jeffery!  he is the cutest little thing! 

to make a short story even shorter... she got to the hospital at 6:15am, the doc broke her water a few minutes before 8am, at 8:45-ish she was 7.5 cent dialated, 25 minutes later she was at a 8+, literally 3 minutes later i was running down the hall screaming for a nurse to come because she was pushing, 1 minute later a nurse caught clayne with one gloved hand, and the doc completely missed out!!!  it was INSANE!! i've been able to be there for elea and clayne's births.  i love being able to support kristina and jeff and wittness the miracle of a new baby coming into the world.  (plus, clayne might have just plopped onto the bed with jeff watching,  frozen in fear if i hadn't been there!!  hahaha) if i could go back in time i would have definitely gone to nursing school and been a labor and delivery nurse.  

(i took lots of pics, but with kristina's camera.  i will add them once i get them from her!!)


Once the girls were on Christmas break we didn't stay home for longer than 3 days at a time!  luckily i had all of the Christmas shopping done about 2-3 weeks before Christmas.
on the 17th we went to st. george.  the 18th was derek's dad's and our neice, brooklynn's birthday, and we wanted to be able to give our gifts to derek's parents and jeff and kristina.
on the 20-21st we went up to cedar city to go to derek's "high school friend party".  they've been having it every year and we haven't been able to go for a couple years so we decided to go this year. it was fun... getting there wasn't the best!!  the weather was insane and it added about an hour to our trip.  plus, lexi is potty trained, but she is also very manipulative with the whole situation.  when she's in her car seat she knows we'll get her out if she says she has to go.  we had been in the car for about 5 minutes and she started saying she needed to go.  (she had went right before we left, so i knew it was just part of her little plan.)  well, about 2 hours later she started up again and i ignored her.  well, that time she wasn't lying and it was a mess.  to make it worse we didn't have wet wipes so i had to soak napkins in iced down coke.  ya, it was good times!  but it was worth it once we got up there.
we actually were home the 22nd-25th (Christmas will get it's own post!)
on the 26th we packed up and headed to salt lake city.  we stopped in hurrican to meet up with derek's parents so we could pick up his grandma.  when we got up to salt lake we went straight to italian village.  there are a few places derek HAS to go when we're up north and #1 on his list is italian village!!!  on the 27th we met up with the Evers and the Goates at Classic.  we always have a great time hanging out there!

later that night we all went to professor mangrum's Christmas alumni dinner.  he introduces everyone who is there that has graduated and is working.  derek pretty much came away from the dinner looking like a total stud!  :)  after the dinner the Goates had to head home to Heber, but derek and i hung out with the Evers a little longer.  they gave us the best dessert in the entire world.  it is the raspberry almond tort from market street grill.  it was so good we had to go buy a whole cake to bring home with us!!
on the 28th we packed up the van, went back to the Evers for a bit, went to Hires for lunch (another must on derek's list), went to derek's uncle brent's to pick up 25 lbs of meat, and then we headed home.
it was a really quick trip, but we had a good time.

the plan for new year's was for jeff and kristina to come here.  but of course last second we decided to go to st. george.  one reason we wanted to leave we ended up going out with jen, spencer, jeff, kristina, melanie, silas, suelyn, and todd.  (melanie, silas, suelyn and todd are our cousins).  we went to milt's and had a fabulous dinner and a good time.  most of the night was spent teasing derek... i'm not sure why, but it was hilarious!!!  our kids stayed home with jordyn and i think they had a really fun new year's eve. 

it's amazing how much we packed into 2 weeks.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trip to Omaha

Derek's friend/old boss from Omaha called him up and asked if he wanted to go to the BYU v Creighton basketball game.  well, obviously the answer was yes.  so derek and i planned a little trip to omaha.  it was good timing because my parents were out for thanksgiving, so they stayed a week longer and took care of our girls.  (thanks a ton!!)  it was so weird being back in omaha.  i love that city!!  it is a great place, and it will always have a place in my heart!  law school was stressful, but such a good time in our lives.  i have very fond memories of that time and place.  it was perfect timing for us to go visit too... allie and mitch were getting ready to move to utah so shauna was there to help with the packing.  anyway, here are a few highlights of our trip.
  • derek went to the byu game.
  • we ate at panera bread (with allie and shauna), star burger, wheatfields (with allie, mitch and shauna), a mexican place i can't remember the name of (with chris and april), and i'm sure there are others i'm forgetting.
  • i went to trader joe's with allie and shauna.
  • derek and i went to a movie... i think it was "the next three days" (we liked it.)
  • when we checked into our hotel room all the regular rooms were taken so we got upgraded to a pent house for the same price as a regular room!!
  • bucky's
  • we visited derek's old office.
  • derek visited his professors and some friends.
it was hilarious... allie and i went to pick up shauna from the airport and the second shauna walked into allie's house she started ripping things off the wall... literally!!!  this was the only pic i took of our whole trip.  oh well!!  it was great spending some alone time together and visiting omaha.  (we missed our girls like crazy though i must admit!!) 


the weekend of Nov. 19-21st we went to St. George to have a Thanksgiving dinner with the Oliverson clan.  I actually took a bunch of pics (for Christmas presents!)  

The week of Thanksgiving we were all pretty excited because Thomas, Grandma & Grandpa Sullivan, Jeff, Kristina, and Elea were coming to Page for Thanksgiving.  I had all my decor out (it's not all that fantastic, but still...)!  Then on Tuesday Derek and Kristina pretty much decided Page was going to be boring and not as comfortable as St. George.  I had a little break down because I am a control freak and wanted it at my house!!  but really, they were right.  

however, the girls weren't too excited to get right back in the car and go back to st. george!!

 jeff is the PE teacher at santa clara middle school.  So the men took the kids to the school gym to play A LOT.... like 2 times a day for hours!  they kids had fun playing soccer, riding the scooters, and just running around crazy!

grandma and girls rocking out!

 lex and lea causing trouble!

 lex giving lea the lowdown on how to "go" on the toilet.

 so let's be honest... the men took the kids to the gym so much so they could play  

 (next year there will be 2 little boys in the mix!!)

we pulled off dinner and it was delish.  somehow we didn't end up getting a pic of the spread.  after dinner we loaded up and went to the movie theater to see Tangled.  (it is the cutest movie EVER!!)
for the first time in a couple years kristina and i didn't have it in us to get up early at hit the black friday sales.  cooking all day and being pregnant is not a good combo and we were tired!  we totally regretted it though and promised never to miss it again no matter how tired we are!!!  (1 sale we missed that i still get sick thinking about... pillow pets:  regularly $20.  they were on sale for $3!!)