Saturday, February 21, 2009

Alexis Update

Alexis will be 6 months on the 28th, and I haven't hardly posted any pictures or updates about her. She is such a happy baby. She smiles for anyone...and it's alway the huge open mouth smile. She can role from her stomache to her back. I don't think she remembers she can do it though, because she'll do it a bunch of times in a row, and then she won't again for a few days! She can sit up pretty good. One day the older girls asked me when Alexis was going to crawl. I was explaining to them that she had to sit up before she could crawl. They asked me to sit her up, and I told them she was just going to fall over...but she didn't! She just sat there! Katelyn and Annie thought it was really funny...they cracked up laughing!! Alexis's hands and feet are VERY ticklish...and her neck is too. She loves her baths. She sleeps from about 9pm to 7am...which is fabulous!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

no more home phone

we cancelled our home phone, so if you need to get ahold of us call our cells. obviously...i'm not going to post our cell #s, so if you want them email me!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February, FRIDAY the 13th


on the 12th derek left for oregon for a trial team competition. the night before any of my kids birthdays i decorate with streamers and stuff. that night i felt so crappy, so i decorated...but not too much. friday morning at about 5:30am i got a phone call from the girls' school informing me that school was cancelled due to the weather. i got up and looked out the window and it was cloudy. tired and confused i just went back to bed. i had been sick with a sinus infection for a few days and i was kinda out of it. my plan for annie's birthday was to get up friday morning and go get her present, cake etc...while she was at school. then after school we had a party planned at "pump it up". i hadn't felt good all week, so i left all the shopping for friday morning. well, by 8:55am the snow was coming down and at 9:30am i tried to leave and there was already so much snow i couldn't get out of my parking lot. (above: this is what you do on your birthday when it's a blizzard outside and your mom can't get off the couch!!) ya, so there's poor annie, no present from her family, no birthday party because it had to be rescheduled, no school, no dad, a sick mom, and there's a blizzard outside!! oh, and she said, "you didn't decorate as much as you usually do, but my chairs looks pretty." luckily i have the most fabulous friends. allie took sami for me for a couple hours in the morning and helped out with dinner. shauna planned a little party for annie. she decorated with pink streamers and balloons etc. we went over to her house to eat and stuff. they saved me. oh, i did let annie and katelyn make cupcakes...luckily allie had a cake mix and frosting!! anyway, on saturday i took the girls to walmart and katie picked out annie's present. she wanted to get her "real" makeup so we pick out powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, and even mascara! oh, and katie got her a little pink, sparkly caboodle. annie was very happy with the gift and now my girls go around everywhere looking like "ladies of the night"!!! sunday night derek came home...THANK GOODNESS! monday morning we had annie's birthday party at Pump It Up. i think the kids had a great time. and even more important...i didn't have to do anything but show up! oh, we got annie's cake at costco. it had strawberry filling and all the kids were freaking out because there was strawberry jam on the cake! that was cracking me up!

i was thinking back 6 years to when annie was born. she was my easiest delivery, but my hardest baby. i can't believe how fast time has gone by. she has grown up to be a beautiful girl. these are the youngest pictures i have of her on my computer...i haven't gotten around to scanning the pics from before the digital age!!! she is and has always been hilarious. she reminds me a lot of my brother...just a goof. she loves to make people laugh. she talks nonstop like my sister! she is fashion savvy. she loves looking pretty. she loves to get dirty. she wants her hair to look perfect. she loves having her arms, back, face, legs rubbed and tickled. she loves to snuggle. she loves her the point she's smothering!!! ;) she is sensitive. she's a drama queen! she's our not so little blue-eyed annie bannanie.