Wednesday, November 4, 2009


sami was "trying" to get a treat from the cookie jar. it gave me some bad flashbacks from last Christmas...
starting in 3rd grade kids can run for student council. we were in KY the day the kids gave their speaches... we're pretty sure that's why kate didn't win. i would vote for her... wouldn't you?!?!

not sure why sami was in her swimsuit... but she's just too stinkin' cute!! off all my girls she is the most girlie... which is a complete surprise since she is the one most like her dad. hhhhmmmmmmm? (ha ha just kidding derek!!!)

this pic says it all!!!

alexis LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat. especially treats!!! she thoroughly enjoyed her chocolate pudding!!

lexi has figured out how to climb on and off the couch. it's kinda nice because i don't have to worry about her falling off!

sunday photo shoot!! not a typical sunday. we are usually running out the door with shoes in hand so we're not late. ya, we have church at 1pm! ha ha

Happy Halloween!

diggin' out the pumpkin guts!
how i got stuck carving 3 pumpkins i'll never figure out...

they did turn out pretty cute though. the girls drew on paper what they wanted and then i used some not so good kniving skills to carve the pumpkins. katelyn's was a mummy and it looked awesome all lit up. i didn't get a pic of that though...

lexi was a butterfly/fairy... not sure, but i was so happy she left the headband on!! as you can see she's standing on her own! she CAN walk, but she basically refuses to do it. who knows?!

samantha was set on being snow white, but somehow i convinced her to be a witch. she loved acting scarey and completely forgot about snow white!!!

katelyn was a cowgirl and annie was a jailbird. they got tons of compliments on their costumes. good thing we had the becks' dance outfits to pick from!!!!
halloween was a success! we went to our ward's trunk o' treat. it was actually a tri-ward thing so there were tons of people. so much easier than walking through the neighborhood.