Thursday, January 31, 2008

big girl bed update

at first i just had sheets and the crib quilt on samantha's new bed, but i found the cutest bedspread at walmart and i couldn't resist. when i got it put on her bed samantha climbed up and looked at the bed and said, "ooohhhh tute!" (tute = cute) she LOVES her bed. bed time has been so easy (knock on wood). she snuggles in and goes right to sleep. derek and i have been wondering how uncomfortable her crib mattress must have been?! nap time has been a bit of a challenge. about every 3rd day she lays down and goes right to sleep, but the other days i can count on her getting up about 30 minutes after laying there. she's decided that's a good time to do her "stinky business". so when i hear her get up i go change her diaper and then lay her back down. she'll usually go to sleep after that. and really...if that's all i have to complain about i think we are doing excellent!!!

switching topics just a bit...i got samantha ready for the day then watched her walk down the stairs, and it hit me, she is growning up so fast. she's seemedto stay in the baby phase for a long time, but the past few week she's changed. she is the funniest little girl, and even though it's sad when your kids grow up it's alot of fun!!

burp rags for the bored

i made some of these at an enrichment activity. it's just cloth diapers with ribbon sown on the edges. kristina wants to make some, so she asked me to post some pics so she'd know how to make them. another girl at enrichment sewed a wide ribbon on the edge and then went in an inch and sewed a thin ribbon looked really cute. for a boy you could use camo ribbon, or ribbon with cars/trucks on it etc... if anyone has the desire to learn to sew this is a great first project.
kristina- the marker is to give you an idea of how big the diapers are...i couldn't find my ruler!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

kristina's baby...boy or girl?

it's a BOY! jeff and kristina had their ultrasound today and she just called to tell me they're having a boy! i'm super excited for them. it figures they would get a boy on they're first try! ha ha jeff's not going to let derek live that down! for now the name is clayne jeffery...which i think is darling. all i know is that our next kid better be a boy...i can't handle having one more girl's hair to do!!! plus, derek needs a turn taking a kid to the bathroom when we're out in public!

Monday, January 28, 2008

stop that...rewind.

i was going through my pics and i realized i totally forgot to blog about katelyn and annie's first ice skating experience. so, back to december 28th...jeff, my dad, derek, the girls and i went ice skating. (my mom and kristina stayed home with samantha.) the girls were really excited! i got their skates on and then my dad took kate and derek took annie. i didn't skate...i just went to take pics and witness the girls' first time on the ice. it was hilarious...i was cracking up the whole time!! the girls' legs were flying everywhere! like the part in the movie bambie where he's on the ice and his legs are flailing every which way!! derek and my dad had a hold of the back of the girls' coats and they were pretty much just dragging them around! then we noticed some other little kids had big traffic cones they where hanging on to, so the girls tried that and it worked alot better. they actually got the hang of it really quick.
after they skated with the cones for a bit they got alot more comfortable and brave. they also saw other little kids skating on their own, so they girls decided to ditch their cones. i was so proud of them for giving it a try...and they really did well. it was alot of fun. unfortunately the night was cut short because katelyn biffed it and hurt her wrist. we had to take a trip to the ER and she ended up with a hairline fracture in her wrist. she had to wear a splint for 3 weeks. it's all better now, and she has started asking about ice skating again!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

hilary for prez???

please no.

i got tagged

my seester tagged me, so here it goes.

What's his name? Derek Kevin Oliverson
How long have you been together? we've been married 7 1/2 years.
How long did you date? ok, i don't know the exact timing, but it's something like we dated for 6 weeks and then were engaged for 2 months.
How old is he? 28...he'll be 29 on super bowl sunday!!
Who eats more? that's a toss up!
Who said I love you first? derek
Who is taller? derek
Who is smarter? we're both smart in different areas. (he's going to laugh when he reads this!)
Who does laundry? usually me, until i get behind...then he "helps".
Who does the dishes? me, but once in a blue moon he does.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? me
Who pays the bills? him, thank goodness. he's very efficient at it.
Who mows the lawn? derek, when we've had one.
Who cooks dinner? me, but he usually helps on sundays or when he wants steak.
Who drives when you are together? derek, and when he insists on me driving he is the worst sideseat driver ever!!!
Who is more stubborn? derek
Who kissed who first? derek kissed me first.
Who asked out who first? derek asked me out, i said yes, and then the day of i tried to cancel...he was having none of that!!
Who proposed? derek, but he claims i did.
Who has more siblings? derek
Who wears the pants in the family? i guess derek does...that's annoying to admit.

i'll tag hhhmmmm...i don't know who has been tagged already, so if you read this and you haven't done it yet then your tagged!!

heath ledger

ok, so i'm not one who idolizes celebrities. i appreciate a good performance in a movie, ect, but i feel like most celebrities are amoral. with that said...i'm sad about heath ledger's death. it just stinks. it wouldn't be bothering me as much if he would've died in an unpreventable way, but it's looking like a drug overdose or suicide...which is just SAD.

Monday, January 21, 2008

samantha and her big girl bed

on saturday morning samantha was awake in her crib jumping around like usual. it's her morning ritual, well, and her after nap ritual too. she holds on to the railing and jumps as high and hard as she can. another thing is that we have wood floors and the crib is on wheels, so while she's jumping the crip is sliding every which way. anyway, back to saturday...i heard a big bang and went in samantha's room and the crib was breaking apart...that night we went and bought her a twin bed. i didn't pick it up until today, so tonight is her first night in a big girl bed. i can't believe it's time for that. she 2 months older than katelyn and annie were, but she seems younger. so i was totally preparing for total chaos at bed time tonight, but i was worrying for nothing. we did our usual night time routine: dinner, bath, teeth, pjs, prayers, and then i laid her down. she snuggled right into bed, i turned the light off, shut the door, and she went right to sleep. HA! who's the bomb! yeahyah!!! i'm hoping it's not just a fluke. i'll report in a couple of nights with an update.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

i've had a couple people ask for my email address, so i thought i would just post it for a few days.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

more from the cruise

alright, i finally finished downloading the pics from the cruise. i've had some technical difficulty getting the videos to upload, but don't worry...they're worth waiting for!!! i've had some friends ask if i was ready to get back to my girls after the trip. the answer is YES! i actually missed them so much the whole time. it didn't help that there were tons of families on the cruise, so i kept seeing kids everywhere! AND derek and i kept talking about how much fun it would be to go on a trip like that with the kids too. oh, and it was so expensive to call home, so we didn't even call and check on them for 3 days. anyway, i missed them i have to admit!! thank you mom for taking such good care of them. too good of a job actually...katleyn told me she kinda wanted me to leave longer so grandma wouldn't have to go home!!the guys were acting like little kids when we got to the beach in cabo. it was hilarious watching them splash each other and try to throw each other in. oh, we almost died trying to get to the beach. we had to take a taxi to get there and our driver was insane. it was actually a big 12 passenger van and he was driving it like a little sports car. i was scared!this is a pic of all of us that sat at our table plus our two waiters. we loved joseph and ranilo...they were great. ranilo brought this napkin person to derek and asked if he thought it was a boy or girl. derek didn't know so ranilo put derek's hand on the napkin and pushed the spoon down. you'll have to try it to find out what happened. we all cracked up laughing so hard!! it was a good time.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

cruise to cabo january 3-7th

derek and i finally got some much needed quality alone time. we flew to san diego thursday morning, and got on the ship that afternoon. it was a 4 day 5 night cruise. we went with jeff, and kristina, and our good friends from law school mitch and allie evers. it was a good refresher, and alot of fun. the only bad part was i realized how easily i get motion sickness!! there are alot of pics and one video i'm going to post. jeff was totally the entertainer of the trip. his karaoke performance was probably the highlight of the trip!!!

i really liked going to our room every night and finding the towel animal that was there! i think this one is a lobster.
i was having fun with kristina's "do"...this happened to be my favorite. plus...she asked me to post a good pic of her!! ha ha

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

happy 29th anniversay mom and dad

we took my parents out to dinner at texas roadhouse on the 27th for their anniversary. we had a good time, and the food was so yummy! i love their ribs!!! at the roadhouse whenever its someone's birthday etc the waiter drags over a saddle and the special person has to sit on it while the whole restaurant yells "YEEEEEEHHHHAAAAWWWW!" i told out waitress it was my parents anniversary, and they were great sports to get on the saddle!!


since we had a house full of people, samantha slept in our room in her playpen. for some reason she woke up at 5:30am on christmas morning. we were no where near ready to get up, and the big girls were still derek and i just put samantha in bed with us. we should have just gotten up, because she never went back to sleep. she would cuddle with derek for a few minutes and then come lay by me and then with derek and then with get the drift! FINALLY at 8am the girls woke up, and by then samantha was very tired and ornery. katleyn and annie's room is in the basement (jeff and kristina slept down there with them) so they had to stay down there until all the adults had used the restroom and stuff. also, my dad turned on and cranked up the christmas music. i think waiting in the morning is pure torture for kids!!! they were bouncing off the walls! finally they got to come up. santa left them each a katelyn's he thanked her for the apple pie and milk, and in annie's he thanked her for the reindeers' treats. the girls thought that was SO cool! we had a great time opening gifts. after we had waffles with strawberries and whooped cream. the rest of the day we hung out, relaxed, napped and played.

annie asked santa for makeup, and she had to run and put it on the second she opened it!! katelyn asked for a Wii for christmas, but santa didn't really think that was neccesary! lucky for her derek's parents gave us one for the whole family. (she was super excited, but to my relief she was actually more excited about her gifts from santa.) we live right by a wooded area, and christmas morning there were about 6 wild turkeys wondering the neighborhood. my dad thought it would be fun to play national geographic!

christmas eve

we always have christmas dinner on christmas eve. i was really in the mood for turkey, etc...again. luckily kristina had the fabulous idea for us to have ham and cheesy potatoes (aka funeral potatoes). after dinner we had apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and/or chocolate pie with whooped (as we call it) cream. we have the tradition of giving the kids new pjs on christmas eve. we've always done this but katelyn and annie are still too young to they had no clue what was in the gift we let them open! after the girls changed into their new pjs we watched the animated living scriptures movie about the Savior's birth. the girls were totally into it, and we got to talk about the true meaning of christmas.

i love being a mom...especially on christmas. it's so fun playing santa!! my mom and dad forgot their stockings, so i improvised. i pretty much cracked myself up!

we usually don't wrap the santa gifts, but i thought it would add to the element of surprise if they were wrapped. the girls did have fun unwrapping the gifts. and i have to say...santa brought the perfect gifts this year. he's struck out the past few years, so it was so awesome that this year the girls were so content. they really have been in their playroom every day for hours playing.

the whole fam damily

we've had a busy holiday. but it's been GREAT! first, derek left (i've already written about that fiasco!) the next day kristina got here. we had a good time hanging out. on saturday (the 22nd) we took the girls to see alvin and the chipmunks and then we finished some last minute christmas errands. oh, derek told me to buy myself a camera for christmas!! get ready for lots of pictures! anyway, sunday afternoon jeff flew in, sunday night derek flew in, and then christmas eve afternoon my mom and dad flew in. we had a full house, but i think everyone had a good time.