Monday, May 4, 2009

Job Update

the past few months have been a serious roller coaster ride. back in february derek started feeling like he should apply for a prosecution job. when he decided to quit the police department it was to become a prosecutor. i saw $$ in a private firm, so he gave it a try!!! after almost 2 years of working for a private firm he just knew it wasn't really for him. unfortunately not very many places are hiring, especially not hiring new graduates. but even with a limited job pool he ended up getting interviews with 3 DA offices. he received offers from 2, and we haven't heard back from one yet. ANYWAY, the point of my story is we are moving. i really wanted to stay in omaha, so i haven't been a very good sport about the whole thing. BUT, i have finally seen the signs and i'm getting around to feeling like moving is going to be good for our family. the office where derek will work seems amazing... he's going to love it. so, when are we moving? june 15th... hopefully we'll make it over the rockies with our u-haul towing a car, and get moved into the new place by the 18th. we had originally planned to move the 1st week in august, but we finally realized that's just not realistic. we need to move and get settled so derek has a solid 6 weeks to study for the bar. more importantly... WHERE are we moving? (was the suspense killing you?!) Kingman, AZ. Where in the world is that? it's in between Flagstaff and Lake Havasu. Mapquest it... that's what i had to do!!! a few good facts... it's about 80 minutes from vegas, it's 4-5 hours from san diego, it's 1/2 hour from the grand canyon, it's 15 minutes from havasupai falls, march-november it has fabulous weather, 45 minutes to lake havasu which we've heard the water is warm there almost the whole year, it's 2 hours from lake powell, it's 3 hours from derek's family (including kristina). the big negative... it's farther away from my parents. traveling to KY will be harder because driving there won't be an option, and kingman doesn't have a big airport. campbellsville doesn't have one either... pain! another negative (big to me, but small in the big scheme of things), kingman isn't easy on the eyes... well, my eyes. i really, really, really, really like GREEN. 2 words... grass and trees. and i really, really, really like rain and there's not much of that there either!! it seems like anytime i get comfortable and make a long term plan my world gets flipped upside down. every time it's happened it's ended up being a huge blessing, and i wouldn't change it. so, i may cry, and i'm going to miss my friends here in omaha more than i can express, but i know this will be good. it's going to be a crazy summer!

May 15-16th: derek's graduation
May 22nd: girls' last day of school
May 22-31st: going to utah, then on to kingman to find a place to live.
May 27th: samantha turns 3!
June 1-5: katelyn and annie have a photography class at the omaha zoo from 8:30-11:30am.
June 8th: katelyn turns 8!!!
June 15th: pack up the truck and head to kingman
July 4th: katelyn's baptism
July 6-20th (roughly): katelyn and annie are going to kentucky (hopefully).
July 29-30th: derek will be in phoenix taking The Bar.
August 4-11th: up to preston, ID we go for the oliverson reunion (family farm's 100th birthday).
August 13th: girls' start school
September 7-13th (roughly): head to KY because Thomas will be getting home from his mission!
September 14th: derek's job officially starts.