Monday, January 21, 2008

samantha and her big girl bed

on saturday morning samantha was awake in her crib jumping around like usual. it's her morning ritual, well, and her after nap ritual too. she holds on to the railing and jumps as high and hard as she can. another thing is that we have wood floors and the crib is on wheels, so while she's jumping the crip is sliding every which way. anyway, back to saturday...i heard a big bang and went in samantha's room and the crib was breaking apart...that night we went and bought her a twin bed. i didn't pick it up until today, so tonight is her first night in a big girl bed. i can't believe it's time for that. she 2 months older than katelyn and annie were, but she seems younger. so i was totally preparing for total chaos at bed time tonight, but i was worrying for nothing. we did our usual night time routine: dinner, bath, teeth, pjs, prayers, and then i laid her down. she snuggled right into bed, i turned the light off, shut the door, and she went right to sleep. HA! who's the bomb! yeahyah!!! i'm hoping it's not just a fluke. i'll report in a couple of nights with an update.


The Kahumokus said...

Congrats on that one...sometimes the big bed can be quite a chore. How old is she?

kristina said...

has sam stayed away from the electrical outlet? I think you should tell about her "oohh tute" response to her new bedding too, p.s.