Wednesday, January 2, 2008

christmas eve

we always have christmas dinner on christmas eve. i was really in the mood for turkey, etc...again. luckily kristina had the fabulous idea for us to have ham and cheesy potatoes (aka funeral potatoes). after dinner we had apple pie and vanilla ice cream, and/or chocolate pie with whooped (as we call it) cream. we have the tradition of giving the kids new pjs on christmas eve. we've always done this but katelyn and annie are still too young to they had no clue what was in the gift we let them open! after the girls changed into their new pjs we watched the animated living scriptures movie about the Savior's birth. the girls were totally into it, and we got to talk about the true meaning of christmas.

i love being a mom...especially on christmas. it's so fun playing santa!! my mom and dad forgot their stockings, so i improvised. i pretty much cracked myself up!

we usually don't wrap the santa gifts, but i thought it would add to the element of surprise if they were wrapped. the girls did have fun unwrapping the gifts. and i have to say...santa brought the perfect gifts this year. he's struck out the past few years, so it was so awesome that this year the girls were so content. they really have been in their playroom every day for hours playing.

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The Hamlin Family said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas. I'm glad you were able to spend it with family. We (well, I should say Matt) saw Derek at the BYU game!!! We missed you at the guys Christmas Party. We wish the whole Oliverson clan could have been there...but maybe next year we will be able to see your cute girls. I will write you an email about it!!!