Sunday, January 13, 2008

cruise to cabo january 3-7th

derek and i finally got some much needed quality alone time. we flew to san diego thursday morning, and got on the ship that afternoon. it was a 4 day 5 night cruise. we went with jeff, and kristina, and our good friends from law school mitch and allie evers. it was a good refresher, and alot of fun. the only bad part was i realized how easily i get motion sickness!! there are alot of pics and one video i'm going to post. jeff was totally the entertainer of the trip. his karaoke performance was probably the highlight of the trip!!!

i really liked going to our room every night and finding the towel animal that was there! i think this one is a lobster.
i was having fun with kristina's "do"...this happened to be my favorite. plus...she asked me to post a good pic of her!! ha ha


The Kahumokus said...

Wow, looks like a fabulous trip! Let me know about the motionsickness thing. Did you find something to take?

The Hamlin Family said...

Looks like a fun break for the two of you!!! I'm definitely going to have to talk Matt into something like that one of these days. I'm glad you had fun...but I bet it was nice to hug your little girls again!!!

Gunn said...

Looks like a fun trip. What the heck are you guys doing going on a cruise without us? Kidding. Anyway, I am on the blogging thing finally. Your girls are 2 dang cute. Maybe when you get a second e-mail me your blog address. Dont' ask our computer is retarded. It doesn't come up, but I just keep getting it from the Hamlins.Love ya.

Erin Marriott said...

How fun for you and Derek to have a break together! I'm sure you were glad to see your kids again, but it's always good to get away every once in awhile. So, you seriously make me laugh! I was cracking up so hard at your story, with with missionaries coming over, and your mother-in-law on the other line, and you clicking over to your friend who said Derek couldn't wear about stress! I love how you tell your stories, you're a total crack up! We missed you guys at the christmas party this year, but maybe next year.

Shanna said...

I so need to go on another cruise!