Wednesday, January 2, 2008

happy 29th anniversay mom and dad

we took my parents out to dinner at texas roadhouse on the 27th for their anniversary. we had a good time, and the food was so yummy! i love their ribs!!! at the roadhouse whenever its someone's birthday etc the waiter drags over a saddle and the special person has to sit on it while the whole restaurant yells "YEEEEEEHHHHAAAAWWWW!" i told out waitress it was my parents anniversary, and they were great sports to get on the saddle!!


Andrew and Candice Heaton said...

This is your long lost friends the Heatons. We were at the Christmas party in Cedar and everyone was talking about blogs and we heard that you had one so we decided to look it up. I can't believe how your kids have grown!!! Honestly, I never even heard what you named your littest one (thanks for keeping us posted :)! Anyways we are working on getting a blog because Andrew says it is a must nowadays. We would love to hear from you guys though- I was hoping we would get to see you at Christmas but it sounds like you are pretty settled where you are at right now. It sounds like you are doing well and you girls are adorable! E-mail me at

Shanna said...

Holy crap, check out Katelyn's long hair. I did a total double take. It looks so cute!

kristina said...

So I know I was not the photogenic queen during our trip... BUT surely there is a picture in your camera somewhere that doesn't show me looking mentally deficient. thanks sis.

at least your girls are cute.