Thursday, January 31, 2008

burp rags for the bored

i made some of these at an enrichment activity. it's just cloth diapers with ribbon sown on the edges. kristina wants to make some, so she asked me to post some pics so she'd know how to make them. another girl at enrichment sewed a wide ribbon on the edge and then went in an inch and sewed a thin ribbon looked really cute. for a boy you could use camo ribbon, or ribbon with cars/trucks on it etc... if anyone has the desire to learn to sew this is a great first project.
kristina- the marker is to give you an idea of how big the diapers are...i couldn't find my ruler!!


kristina said...

Thanks! They are a lot bigger than I thought. . . genius idea using the marker BTW.

I promise I won't start on any until I get your dumb bag finished. ;)

The Kahumokus said...

Very cute! I didn't know you were so crafty...