Wednesday, January 30, 2008

kristina's baby...boy or girl?

it's a BOY! jeff and kristina had their ultrasound today and she just called to tell me they're having a boy! i'm super excited for them. it figures they would get a boy on they're first try! ha ha jeff's not going to let derek live that down! for now the name is clayne jeffery...which i think is darling. all i know is that our next kid better be a boy...i can't handle having one more girl's hair to do!!! plus, derek needs a turn taking a kid to the bathroom when we're out in public!


Danielle said...

That is so exciting!! Ask her to pass on the secret.... PLEASE!! Oh and the picture of Samantha is so cute!! She is gorgeous!!

Sarah said...

the bathroom thing is soooooo true!!!!!!!

I'm so glad i have at least one of each. I actually planned to have a boy last time and my theory worked! so that's why with this baby it doesn't really matter.