Friday, November 30, 2007

we love hand-me-downs

so there is a good thing about having 3 girls! kristina got this coat for katelyn when she was 2, and this is the 3rd time we've used it. i'm so glad too, because it is the prettiest coat i've ever seen!! katelyn and annie only wore it once in a while, but i've been putting samantha in it all the time. i guess it's wishful thinking that this will be the last time we use it!!

annie loves taking pictures, so i was letting her go for it. she actually got a couple of really cute ones of samantha!

annie also loves, loves, loves having her picture taken! she's always busting out the poses!

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Unknown said...

Hey cute family, I hope things are going good for you guys.

Take care
We love you guys
Patric, Jessica and Brayden