Sunday, November 11, 2007

tag you're it!

my friend brittney tagged me and now i "have" to write 6 little know things about me. i'm an open book, so this might be tricky!!
1. i am very anal about how my dishwasher is loaded. if someone else ever does my dishes i usually end up unloading and reloading it before it's turned on.
2. i close my eyes when i brush my teeth. i don't really know why...
3. my favorite thing to eat at the movies is popcorn and sour patch kids at the same time. try's yummy!
4. the only jewelry i wear is my wedding ring and ear rings...i LOVE dangling ear rings! (i have a certain pair i wear with each of my outfits.)
5. i fold my toilet paper...i'm not going to elaborate on that!!!
6. when i make my shopping list i write down what i need, then i rewrite it in the order it is at walmart, and i always start from the back of the store and work my way up...except at a certain walmart in omaha. when i go there i have to start in the front and work my way back, but that's because the frozen items are in the back and i have to get them last!!!

so, i'm going to tag kristina, joanna, joanna, dd and shanna.

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kristina said...

I noticed you close your eyes when you brush your teeth-- I just thought you were really tired!