Monday, November 5, 2007


Everyone wish my dodgeball team good luck tonight. We have two big intra-mural dodgeball games.

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The Hamlin Family said...

First of all...good luck Derek!!! Second, Angie...I'm so excited I found your blog (don't ask me how)!!! I haven't seen you guys in over 2 years...I think at the Christmas party in Cedar a couple years ago. Wow, time does go by fast. Your girls are the cutest little things. (I'm sure Derek is a PROUD daddy!!!) You have an adorable family. Anyways, I'm glad that I found your blog so we can do better at keeping in touch.
Talk to you later,
Erin Hamlin
PS...We have a blog too, but it's me your email address and I will invite you to ours. My email address is: