Friday, November 30, 2007

ChRiStMaS PrEsEnTs

every year at Christmas we strike out with our kids. i guess i always think i know what they will like better then they do. so this year i had a goal not to be a know-it-all...i was going to get them what they ask for. i had the girls sit down and write their "official" letters to santa. i told them to take their time, because once these were mailed there would be no changing their minds. (this is mostly for my sake so i don't buy them something, and then the day before Christmas having them wanting something else...which they have done before.) so they girls were writting and coloring for about 1/2 an hour. here's what they asked for: annie wants make-up, a guitar, and a BRAT laptop (it's a toy laptop with a few games on it), oh and some new barbies. katelyn wants the holiday barbie, a laptop (a real one), and a nintendo Wii. Um...i don't even know what to say about that. last year she asked for a flat screen tv, so i don't know why i'm even surprised!


JoAnna Anderson said...

Get the girl a Wii & a flat screen for goodness sake! There will be no doubt that Santa is real....hahaha. Happy shopping!

Brittney said...

Katelyn sounds like Travis! Hey, are you guys going to be out here for Christmas this year?

Sarah said...
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