Sunday, November 11, 2007 you mind?

i took samantha to get her ears pierced on saturday. we got the other girls' ears pierced at around this age too. she looks so cute, but i'm a sucker for little girls with ear rings. i used to put push pins in my cabbage patch dolls when i was a kid. here's the thing i don't get...why in the world do stores where you can get ear piercing done, like claires, put the darn chair at the very front of the store? samantha is a very stubborn, determined child. she hates being forced to sit, so she was freaking out before the lady even put the dot on her ears marking where the piercings were going to go. so, i had to hold her arms and head still and everyone in the store stopped shopping and gathered in a half circle around us. they just stood there watching. they didn't even try to hide that they were watching. you mind? it infuriated me. at one point my head was turned so it wouldn't be in the ear piercing lady's way, and i was looking out the store window into the mall. a group of about 5 old ladies had stopped in the mall to watch and i could hear one say, "look what that mother is doing to that baby." ha ha ha ha ha at that point i burst out laughing! i couldn't believe people where stopped in the mall watching through the window. after it was all over i stood up and said, "ok people, shows over!" alright, i really didn't, but i totally should have!

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Brittney said...

That's so funny how people don't even try to hide the fact that they are being nosy. The girls sure look cute though. Trav is trying to convince me to get Kaylee's ears pierced. She's only 4 months though, so I don't think I'll let him!