Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

so thanksgiving was at my house this year. it was our little family plus my parents. my mom and i actually pulled off a really good dinner. i was very pleased with myself...except for that we forgot the stuffing. we sat down to eat and my mom realized we had forgotten. i was actually pretty bugged by that...who forgets the stuffing?!?!?! we're making it tonight to go with the leftovers, so all is not lost. next exception to the perfect thanksgiving...the pumpkin pie totally bombed! ha ha it was a "schwans" anyway. so derek, my mom, my dad, and i were sitting here wanting dessert really bad. so my mom and i went to mickey D's and got the guys hot fudge sundaes, me an apple pie and an ice cream cone (i had to have ice cream w/ the pie), and then we went to the gas station next door so my mom could get some cookies and cream ice cream!! we are so classy!! when we got back to my house i opened my pie and it was cherry....darn drive through!! we missed jeff and kristina. i'm so excited for little kid excited. it's at our house and my whole family is going to be here. it's going to be so fun.


Katherine said...

You are so cute! I totally can see you with the whole stuffing/dessert adventure!
I'm glad you posted through my blog so I could link to yours. Oh my gosh, your kids are so grown up!
Yes we are still in RR - but the house is up for sale, so we will see... Where are you?

kristina said...

fyi: I posted my "announcement" so let 'er rip!