Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

about 2 months ago (actually, probably longer) kristina and jeff made plans to go to KY for thanksgiving. my parents really wanted us to come too. but, we're going to utah for jace's wedding and christmas and we couldn't afford both trips. plus, derek's finals are getting closer and closer, and thanksgiving break isn't very long. so, we decided to stay in omaha. well, last monday derek asked me if i wanted to go to KY!! i was so totally came out of know where. that's kind of how derek works...very spontaneous. he made me promise not to tell i couldn't give my mom the heads up or anything! i spend all day packing and cleaning the house and then tuesday morning we loaded up the van and headed off on a 12 hour drive. it was tons of fun. my parents and jeff and kristina were so surprised. the weather was perfect so the girls got to spend lots of time up on my dad's property feeding and riding the horses, and hunting for golf balls. (the property is next door to a golf course...and apparently alot of really bad golfers go there because tons of balls end up off the course and on my dad's side of the fence!!!) was really nice being with family for thanksgiving. on wednesday i made cinnamon rolls with my mom and's tradition. it was good, except i think i single handedly ate them all!! anyway, i felt really guilty ditching my best buddies in omaha, but they were very understanding. (i was SUPPOSED to cook the turkey!!) i didn't take too many pictures with my camera, so i'm waiting on my dad to email me some. when he does i'll post them.

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Mekelle said...

Wow! That was a really nice surprise! Sounds like the whole family had so much fun. And now Cinnamon Rolls sound really good to me!!