Sunday, November 23, 2008

random sunday pics!

every chance katelyn gets she holds alexis. i had the babe in her swing while i was getting dinner made and katelyn snatched her up. annie always asks and i say, "no...she's happy in her swing." katelyn's figured out not to ask!!!
annie and sam wanted to jump in the pic too. i can't believe i have 4 kids...4 GIRLS! it still surprises me sometimes!!

i love this outfit on alexis. it's hard to see in these pics, but her eyes are so blue. this outfit looks so cute on her.

samantha is so crazy! sometimes i start to lose it because of her. i've been feeling like she is the most naughty out of all my kids, but i think i've just forgotten what 2 year olds are like. i was reading my journal from when annie was 2. it was about the same time of year and annie got into the fridge and broke some eggs. while i cleaned up that mess she got into the white-out and painted my desk with it. while i cleaned up that mess she got into the dishwasher soap and while i cleaned up that mess she broke a couple of my christmas tree ornaments. so, i'm pretty sure samantha is a typical 2 year old...maybe a tad more stubborn and "free spirited"!!!


The Hamlin Family said...

Cute pictures Angie. Crazy that you have 4 girls...but you forgot to say CUTE girls!!! They are all adorable and that baby of yours is a little "chunky monkey".

PS...Sorry about both your ankles. That's no fun!!!

Megs said...

2 year olds = EVIL!
My own Sam is DRIVING ME NUTS!!!! Sometimes I wish I could drink something stronger than Diet Coke! :D

Shanna said...

It seriously throws me to see four girls. I am not used to that!! I love Kates hair. I can't wait to see Alexis (and all of you). Christmas will be so fun this year!

kara said...

Before I read the rest of your post, I was already thinking how cute it was to see your free spirit Sam with no clothes on!

Lisa said...

I'm glad to hear that someone else's child drives them crazy. Maybe I just forgot about this age, and now I can see why I would want to forget the whole thing.

Becks said...

heyy ang, ya how r u guys??!!! i miss u i freakin luv it down here life is sooooo much fun... so ya christmas is gonna b sooo much fun with all of us here and ya lookin forward to it haha!!!! kk so write back
luv ya.. tay :]

Teri said...

Katie's hair is sooo CUTE! I love it all curled like that..what a hottie!

Erick & Molly said...

Angie!!! We just got...well opened your Christmas card!!! I am sure we have had it for at least a week, I should really open stuff when it comes!! Anyways, congratulations on your new little girl!! I can't believe you have 4 girls!!! We called Derek today and he told us you have a blog, I am so excited to be able to keep in touch better through this!! I am happy your doing so well in Omaha. Maybe we can come up for a visit sometime!! We love you guys!!