Friday, October 24, 2008

day in the life of a cripple

so today has been pretty boring. it's really cold and off and on rainy so the kids have been inside all day. luckily derek is such a good sport and is going to take kate, ann, and sam to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3!!! he so awesome...i don't know many dads who would take their daughters to a movie like that without mom. he went and bought the tickets early during lunch. the lady at the theater told him that he should come back at 5:30pm to get a good seat for the 7:30pm movie!! anyway, the girls are super excited. i'm really hoping sami doesn't have a potty accident while they're gone.

anyway, here's an updated pic of my ankle. i can walk on it ok...but it starts hurting after awhile, so i've been trying to get some things done in between putting it up.
another exciting thing about today...
a few weeks ago my really good friend had a family emergency and she packed up and left town really fast. anyway, we live far from our families, and so we've had to adopt our friends as our family out here. when my friend was hurting so much i realized how much i really care about her and my other friends here, and how luck i am to have such great friends. anyway, she is coming home today, and i'm really excited to have her back.


Jana said...

OOh, I'm sorry about your ankle. I know that hurts so bad! Several months ago I steppd backwards off the top step of my porch in heels and turned them both, but really hurt my right ankle and had to walk on it. I feel your pain. Sorry sorry.

The Evers Family said... sweet. Tear in my eye.

Melanie said...

Your ankle looks so large and in charge. THAT SUCKS! The girls are so beautiful Alexis is so sweet. i got your message on my phone, I promise I will get back to you soon! Thanks a million for the rock in jar idea if you don't mind i believe we NEED to copy!