Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week 2

ok, so this is being posted a little late. i did weigh myself on monday...this is just the first time i've had a chance to get on the computer for longer than 5 minutes.

i'm down 3 more lbs this weeks. so 65 - 3 = 62 lbs to go!

speaking of loosing weight...the biggest loser started this week. i love that's amazing to watch the people on that show change, and i would love to have a trainer kick my butt like that every day!!

(thank you jaimie!!!)


Jaimie said...

3 more pounds? That's awesome!!! I am so proud of you. I absolutely can't stand myself right now. I've got to jump on board.

Christina Mangelson said...

Way to go!!!! If you lost 3 lbs a week for 20 weeks you would hit your goal. That is only 5 months. Just think about it. By March you could be one hot babe!!!! Just in time for your trip to Hawaii!!!!

The Kahumokus said...

Good job with the weight loss! Losing baby weight is hard. I've decided to just keep mine. It's hard to get in shape when you hope to have another baby!