Saturday, September 6, 2008

life sucks

today i was hanging out with the girls, and we were watching the disney channel. there was a commercial for the movie "life sized" and katelyn really wanted to watch it. so she got on the cable menu and started looking for it, because she wanted to record it on the DVR. after a few minutes she started getting really frustrated. i asked her what was wrong, and she said, "i can't find the movie 'life sucks'." ha ha i started cracking up and told her it was called "life sized". i have a couple of things to say about that. first, why would my daughter want to watch a movie called "life sucks", and second...what kind of mother am i if my 7 year old doesn't think twice if there really was a disney movie called that?! ha ha


Dusty and Carol said...

HOLY SMOKES - I have missed alot of posts. That story about "life sucks" is really funny. Your new baby name is very cute. That would be hard to change it after 5 days. But I guess better at 5 days than 5 months. That is nice your mom can be there with you. When I was first reading the story about her at the store I was wondering if they had moved there. But quickly realized she was just visitng. Your girls are darling. Hope all is well with 4 - is it true what everyone says. After 3 it is all the same?

Suelyn said...

HA HA HA That's a funny story!! Ang.. .you sound like an awesome MOm! That's so cool! I really wih I could see you guys more!! That was so fun to have you come to the house when you came for Grandpa. I love this story! Kids are so cute! Oh, p.s. I really don't like Ryan... he treats me like I'm his little sister. That's good sometimes and bad sometimes ha ha