Saturday, September 6, 2008

funny girl

we have decided to move from our 2 bedroom townhouse into a 4 bedroom that's across the street. i thought we could handle 6 of us living in a 2 bedroom, but i was totally delusional!! anyway, some friends wanted to come over and see our place last night because they're interested in buying it. while they were here samantha was sitting on the family room floor coloring with her crayola washable markers. she colored her pants, socks, the couch, and some other random things. one of our friends brought a can of diet pepsi with her, and she sat it on the table while they were looking at the house. she told us later that when she got home her hand was all black. she finally realized that samantha had been stealing drinks of her diet pepsi and left her marker hand prints all over the can!!!! ha ha


Angie said...

so you are leaving us! i can't believe it. i hope i still get to see you. what ward will you be in. when do you think you will move?

Megs said...

You have lost your mind thinking you could live in a two bedroom. I am impressed with the bravery, but you are NUTS!!! We are in a 3 bedroom and I am dying for at least a 4. 2 bedrooms...I could never do it, so what if we will be in debt for 100 years just to pay rent!!