Thursday, January 6, 2011


the weekend of Nov. 19-21st we went to St. George to have a Thanksgiving dinner with the Oliverson clan.  I actually took a bunch of pics (for Christmas presents!)  

The week of Thanksgiving we were all pretty excited because Thomas, Grandma & Grandpa Sullivan, Jeff, Kristina, and Elea were coming to Page for Thanksgiving.  I had all my decor out (it's not all that fantastic, but still...)!  Then on Tuesday Derek and Kristina pretty much decided Page was going to be boring and not as comfortable as St. George.  I had a little break down because I am a control freak and wanted it at my house!!  but really, they were right.  

however, the girls weren't too excited to get right back in the car and go back to st. george!!

 jeff is the PE teacher at santa clara middle school.  So the men took the kids to the school gym to play A LOT.... like 2 times a day for hours!  they kids had fun playing soccer, riding the scooters, and just running around crazy!

grandma and girls rocking out!

 lex and lea causing trouble!

 lex giving lea the lowdown on how to "go" on the toilet.

 so let's be honest... the men took the kids to the gym so much so they could play  

 (next year there will be 2 little boys in the mix!!)

we pulled off dinner and it was delish.  somehow we didn't end up getting a pic of the spread.  after dinner we loaded up and went to the movie theater to see Tangled.  (it is the cutest movie EVER!!)
for the first time in a couple years kristina and i didn't have it in us to get up early at hit the black friday sales.  cooking all day and being pregnant is not a good combo and we were tired!  we totally regretted it though and promised never to miss it again no matter how tired we are!!!  (1 sale we missed that i still get sick thinking about... pillow pets:  regularly $20.  they were on sale for $3!!)

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JoAnna Anderson said...

how cute that you get to be prego with your sister. looks like your holidays are fun!