Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday Annie!

annie's birthday was February 13th.  i felt like i had some serious birthday partying to do for annie this year, because i failed so miserably last year.  annie's birthday last year would have been nonexistent if is wasn't for shauna, so i had to be sure and do her proud this year!  i think we did ok!!  the night before taylor and i decorated with streamers and balloons.  the next morning after annie opened her presents we all loaded up and went to lake havasu city to go swimming at a indoor mini water park.  then we picked up little caesar's for dinner.  next we had strawberry shortcake... her favorite.  i let her have 3 pieces and she thought she was in heaven!!  since it was the night before valentine's day derek, myself, jenn and spencer went out on a date.  that was probably the best part for annie.  she LOVES hanging out with her cousins without grown ups... i'm not sure that's a good thing!!!
annie had 2 gift requests.  she wanted a remote control car, and the New mario bros Wii.  i don't think she realy thought she'd get either, so she was pretty excited to open up the "big" present! (thanks G & G Sullivan!)
she was even more excited when she opened up the next gift and is was the Wii game!!  that game is SO fun!  derek and i play it with the girls all the time and it's hilarious!  (thank you Grandma Helen!)
annie got a game, some make-up and a Wii karaoke game with a microphone from G & G Oliverson.
jeff and kristina hooked annie up with a dry erase board and markers for her room.  she's always writing on mine (drives me crazy!), so i knew she would love this!
the one thing annie was most excited about was the becks came to kingman!!  it was a blast having all of us smashed into our little house!  there were airbeds everywhere!!
they came friday night and annie was beside herself waiting for kamryn to get here!  she kept asking me every 10 minutes if they were closer!!  they are the best friends... and partners in crime!  they are alway giggling and being silly (i'm affraid naughty might be part of the equation too!)
annie had a school project due the monday after her birthday.  she had to build a robot... THANK GOODNESS jordyn was here to help her out with that!  annie loved having jordyn help her, and it turned out really cute.  i wish i would have thought to have a picture of annie and jordyn with the robot.
i really can't believe annie is 7.  she has grown up to be a beautiful girl.  she loves to have her back rubbed and her hands and arms tickled.  she LOVES to cook and always asks to help with dinner.  she's hilarious and loves to tease and be silly.  she very tender hearted.  she can be a bit dramatic, but usually if 
you call her out on it she's get a mischievous grin (refer back to the teasing and being silly)!  
i love this little girl so much, and i feel so lucky to have her as my daughter!  

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