Friday, March 19, 2010

Angie's 30th Birthday

first derek said there were no plans for my birthday.  my birthday happened to be on a sunday, so derek told me he was going to make dinner and that's about it.  then he said we were going to st. george.  then he surprised me and said he was dropping me off in vegas to stay with my sister for the weekend!  so we go to vegas on friday and go to the district, where i'm supposed to be meeting up with my sister, and who's there???  NOT MY SISTER, BUT 2 OF MY "BFFs"!!!  Allie and Shauna (we met during law school) both left their families behind to come spend the weekend with me.  it was so amazing to me that they would do that!!  the whole weekend was a blast... the best birthday ever.  on friday i kept realizing who i was with and it would surprise me all over!! 

"what the heck are you doing here?!?"
kevin drove down from st. george to pick up derek and the girls so we would have a car in vegas.  so after kevin, derek, and the girls took off we went to see "Alice In Wonderland".  before the movie we hit up a photo booth.  seriously, i have never laughed so hard.  i need to scan the pictures and post them, but really... they might not seem that funny to anyone else!  the whole weekend we just acted like we were in jr. high!!!  anyway, after the movie we went to eat at PF Changs and then we went to the hotel.  (my awesome bro-in-law got our room comped so... THANKS SPENCER!)  allie was a bit tired from the time change and stuff so she fell asleep first!  she was all paranoid that we were going to do something to her!! the idea hadn't even crossed our minds until she said something!!
so... shauna got her hand wet and flicked water at allie!!  allie looked up from under the covers and asked, "who brought a water gun?"  obviously i was behind the camera, but i was laughing so hard i could barely take the picture!  shauna mentioned freezing allie's bra, but come to find out allie was paranoid we really would, and she hid it! ha ha
after tormenting allie we busted out the shower cap!  GOOD TIMES!  shauna left the room so i put the shower cap on and when she came around the corner and saw me she fell on the floor laughing!!  SO STUPID AND FUNNY!
one thing that i really miss is running with these ladies.  they would wake up at the crack of dawn to run before husbands and kids were up and at it.  luckily we all brought our (matching) running clothes (not on purpose) so saturday morning we ran together.  it was awesome!
the running pics are kinda scary so i had to show the "after" pictures!! 
after getting  ready our first stop was Trader Joe's! then we had to go to Golden Spoon, at 11am!!  then we went to target and bought some cute earrings.  then we headed on over to Cafe Rio!  Yes, this trip was a lot about where we wanted to eat!!
we should be in an advertisement!

after lunch we headed over to one of my other friend's bridal shower.  it was great seeing a lot of people i haven't see for awhile... and i'm excited for the wedding!! 

after the shower we headed down to the strip.  we decided to park at the bellagio and walk down to the venetian. while driving we made a list of things we wanted to find, for example, people in costume.  we found tons of those!!  shauna looks perplexed, but really she's just a good actress... notice the silver man in the background?!?  he want $ for a picture, so we had to get creative!
at the bellagio we checked out the beautiful botanical garden.
then we went and saw the Richard MacDonald gallery.  if i had 10 grand to burn i would buy one of his sculptures... they are amazing.
we had to admire the ceiling in the lobby! 
we tried to watch the fountains, but we didn't have very good timing.  we did catch it one time, but then a guy with a golf ball size chunk of chewing tobacco in his mouth starting hitting on shauna so we took off!!
when we got to the venetian we just happened to come across Madame Tussauds wax museum.  none of us had ever been so we decided to go spur of the moment.  this is where the 13 year olds in us came out!!  we had a blast taking pics with the "celebrities"!!!
ben affleck didn't look to hot, but this pic of allie is awesome!!!
shauna was trying to help britney be a bit more appropriate!
this is fair warning to our husbands...
this pic cracks me up... ( )
best part of the tour!  i <3 johnny!
after the wax museum we walked to the blue man group box office.  we wanted to see a show, but the price needed to be right!  we ended up getting GREAT seats for the cheaper price!  THANKS ALLIE!!!
after getting our tickets we had just enough time to walk to the forum shops to eat dinner at the cheesecake factory.  allie ordered the edamame appitizer.  i'd never heard of it, but LOVED it!
we finished eating and walked back to the blue man group theater.  it was such perfect timing.  seriously, we didn't really have a plan when the day started, but everything worked out perfectly!  i'd seen BMG before, but i love it and i was really excited to see it again.  shauna and allie hadn't see it before so they just had to trust me!  it's so random, but i think we all had a great time!  shauna was wishing there was a "clean" place to go dancing... we got in a little bit during the show!  ;)
waiting for the show to start... the anticipation was killing us!
after the show... got to see it to understand the white paper! 
after the show the BMG guys came out to the lobby, so we got pictures AND a big fat...
the BMG music is great, so we got a picture with some of the band!
after the show we headed back to the car.  i haven't mentioned out perfect the weather was.  it was PERFECT... until we started walking to the car.  it started sprinkling/raining.  so we got to the car and stopped at BJs on our way to the hotel.  we went to BJs so we could have a pizzookie for dessert.  DELICIOUS... that's all i can say about it!  while we in the restaurant it started POURING RAIN!  like i said... things worked out so perfectly for us!  anyway, after dessert we went to the hotel.  we stayed up for a couple hours talking.  the next morning we had to get up, get ready, and i had to take allie and shauna to the airport.  *tear* i totally cried... i miss these girls a lot.  they were my life line during law school.
i was dreading turning 30, but this weekend has a great way to kick off another year!  THANK YOU ALLIE AND SHAUNA (AND OF COURSE DEREK)!!

so after the airport i headed up to st. george to pick up derek and my girls.  derek's parents made a fabulous dinner and everyone came over for dinner.  kevin made me a texas sheet cake (MY FAVORITE!) so... i had 2 peices!  then we drove home.  it really might be my favorite birthday ever!


Rebecca Hunt said...

That sounds like so so so much fun!! Lucky you. Good job husband!!!

Katie Hansen said...

Holy cow!!! What an amazing birthday. My 30th birthday was spent on the phone with the lactation clinic in tears. Who cared about being 30, just get me some HELP!!!!

Oliver & Natalie said...

That really does sound like the best birthday ever! :) Your husband is tricky!

todd and jeanette said...

i've been seeing pictures but wanted to know the details! yours was like reading a journal entry- i loved it. sounds like a ton of fun and i am so glad everything worked out perfectly (even the rain?! wow!!!) happy 30th!!!

Teri said...

I laughed my ASS off watching you guys beat the shiz out of that Tigar wax thing....sooo FUNNY!!!

Jaimie said...

Happy Birthday Angie. That is so neat that your husband and friends made it so special. How fun!

Erick & Molly said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! That sounds AMAZING!! I am so glad you had such a fun time. Way to go DEREK for setting that up! Happy Birthday...ALBEIT late as heck!! Love ya!!

Edwards trio said...

What a fun bday surprise! Glad it was a good one!

Gwen said...

I was just in Vegas last weekend and I saw the same silver painted guy. Funny! And I love the wax museum. I'm glad you had such a great 30th birthday.

The Evers Family said...

I'm glad you took the time to post all this. I wanted to but never did. We needed to have a record even if we did look dumber than ever. So glad you posted the pic of me sleeping. Just what I wanted the world to see. :0) P.S. I did look at this a long time ago, but thought I should leave a comment so you knew my appreciation for it.

Shauna said...

Wow, you posted everything, that is awesome, and why should we leave out the shower cap pictures, right!? :) I am thinking of turning thirty next year...maybe.

Melanie said...

Um? so Happy Belated Birthday! What a fun trip, lucky girl! I love seeing pictures of you, you look great! I'm right there with Katie, my 30th was spent at home with kids and the SWINE flu, Boo Hoo for me.Signed up for the Hurricane half marathon are you still interested? Chop Chop!

Olivia said...

That sounds like such a fun birthday! What a cute husband to help work that out for you. Happy Late 30th Birthday!

Annah said...

Those were great pictures!