Wednesday, March 10, 2010

all in a days... work?

part of my job is to do hair.  if i was smart i would've gone to school for this, but lucky for me there are "how to" blogs out there!  lexi's had pigs a grand total of 3 times!  she barely has enough hair for the 2 of them.  you'll see in the next pics that she usually just has a mullet.
usually our hair doesn't get done and we're lucky to get out of our pjs!!
part of my daily job is keeping alexis SAFE.  she has decided to take on climbing as one of her hobbies.  it's lots of fun changing laundry and coming out to find her on the table or kitchen counters.  so much fun that i bought a "horse corral".  see the big "play pen" below in the background.  that's where alexis goes when she gets in a climbing mood!  before i rearranged the furniture it was right in the middle of the floor.  derek got up in the night to check on the girls and about fell in it and commented that it was as big as a horse corral, thus it's name!!!  i love this picture of samantha... she looks so grown up.

see?  she climbs on EVERYTHING!  
(oh, and see the mullet?)


Katie Hansen said...

This is when boys come in handy. Buzz their little heads and kick 'em outside to play.

Melinda said...

Cool hair do! Lexi's mullet cracks me up. I never let Addy's hair get long in the back because I was so afraid of the mullet, so she looked like a boy for quite a while. :) You have such a cute bunch of girls.

The Evers Family said...

K, I am totally getting a corral.