Friday, February 15, 2008

happy valentines day!

derek and i always say, "don't get me anything", and then one of us sticks to it and the other one doesn't. well, this year i knew he wasn't getting me anything, and so i thought i would be tricky and get him something. so i went all out and bought him a huge reses's peanut butter cup in the shape of a heart. it was a whole $1.50!! so it was more for a joke since we promised to not get each other something, so i was feeling pretty funny! i knew derek hadn't got me anything because the poor guy never has time to go anywhere but to school and work. well, i forgot about internet shopping, and at 5pm the UPS guy stopped by our house and dropped off TWO DOZEN beautiful roses!! i have to admit...i'm a sucker for flowers. i love getting them! anyway, he totally one upped me!

we got the girls candy hearts, valentine's t-shirts, and we gave katelyn and annie best sister necklaces. one says "big sis" and the other says "lil sis". they are really cute and they girls haven't taken them off once! anyway, i hope everyone had a good valentine's day!!


Unknown said...

I agree, I am a sucker for flowers, and to have them sent in the mail as a surprise even better!!

kristina said...

Those flowers are beautiful. I think it's cute that you guys got stuff for the girls.

I think it is official: Oliversons are more romantic than Sullivans.

The Kahumokus said...

Beeeutiful! I L O V E flowers. I'm glad your valentine was good to you!

Unknown said...

How dang sweet of him, the pics you took are gorgeous!