Wednesday, February 20, 2008

did you say 28 degrees below 0???

ok, so seriously...this is getting just ridiculous. today i turned on the news and school got cancelled today because it's so cold. WHAT? ya, you heard me right. school's cancelled because it's so cold!!! so here in omaha we always get 2 temperatures. the actual temp and then the "it feels like" temp. i guess it's because of the humididty and artic wind chill. so today it is -7, but it feels like -28. jeff and kristina are moving back to queen creek, az, this summer. and i'm pretty sure next winter i'm going to be VERY jealous!


Danielle said...

I hear ya Angie! This snow and freezing stuff is making me crazy!! I wish I was moving back with Kristina too... then again we have great summers in the Midwest and all they will do is sweat!

Shanna said...