Saturday, February 12, 2011

Annie's Birthday Party

8 is GREAT!
 Annie and her friends decorated cupcakes...

 Then we put on press-on nails!!!

 Annie's friends were great... she got a lava lamp, about 10 gift cards to RD's (local hamburger/ice cream joint) for things like 1 free rootbeer float or a chocolate sunday, a zuzu pet, and a balloon w/ $10 in the card.  every night annie has derek take her to RD's to cash in one of her certificates!

i got up at about 7am to start making cupcakes and decorating.  it was an exhausting day, but i really wanted annie to feel special.  turning 8 is big deal!

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kara said...

So grown up! I can't believe this is the 8 year old year for Annie and Alex. :)