Sunday, February 13, 2011

Annie's Actual Birthday!!

i still can't believe annie is 8!!  i remember her "birth" day like it was yesterday.  she has grown up to become the funniest girl!  she makes us laugh all the time.  she can be very sensitive too.  she doesn't put up with anyone's crap, and if her friends are being naughty she's perfectly fine staying home and playing with her little sisters.  most days she is a HUGE help because she does stay home and play with them.  since her birthday was on sunday,  she woke up she came and crawled on our bed and we let her open her presents before church.
kristina and fam gave her a journal and a new card game.
we gave her the traditional new scriptures.
grandma and grandpa s. gave her a scripture bag and $8.
her sisters gave her a magic 8 ball... which was her FAVORITE gift!!  hahaha
annie also got birthday money from grandma and grandpa o., which she used to buy an new razor scooter.  she also got birthday money from grandma helen, which i used to buy her new shoes!!
All ready for church.
waiting for her cake... which we did not eat!
the sullivan family has a terrible tradition of having the ugliest cakes ever!  unfortunately this year annie's cake was no exception!  she's so sweet though... she kept saying, "it looks good except for the cracks and stuff."  :)  luckily we've been addicted to sherbet and 7-up floats lately so she was fine with not eating the cake!!

annie is getting baptized on april 9th.  she was willing to wait so we could do her baptism and eric's blessing the same day.  it will be more convinient for family/friends who are traveling to make it. 

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Christina Mangelson said...

She is so beautiful! I can't believe she is 8. Where has the time gone?