Thursday, November 18, 2010

Katelyn and Annie's 1st Races!

Katelyn has been running with a team called "Girls on the Run" after school on Mondays and Wednesday getting ready for a 5K.  November 6th was the big day!  Her cousin, Jordyn, ran the race with her.  
This was before the race.
 Annie wanted to run in a race too, so we signed her up for the 1 miler.  Her cousin, Kamryn, ran it too.

 When Katelyn had about 1/5 of a mile left I yelled, "Don't you dare let Jordyn beat you!!!"  Her competitive side kicked in and she booked it to the finish line.  She finished in 34 minutes, and place 4th for her age group.  She had a ton of energy left when she finished, so she decided to run the 1 miler with Annie and Kamryn.   (I have a feeling if she would have run it with a grown-up her time would have been a minute or 2 faster!)  ;)

 After the race.  This was Jordyn's 3rd or 4th 5k, and we were all really proud of her.  I could tell that Katelyn was really proud she did so well, especially for her 1st time!
 The starting line for Annie's 1 mile.  She was SO nervous!!!  It was so cute.
 I was so proud of her... she worked really hard and totally ditched Kamryn and Katelyn.
 Annie had about 50 yards to the finish line and she wanted to walk so bad, so I jumped on the track and made her sprint to the finish!!!  OK, a little embarrassing now that i think about it!  Apparently I'm a tiny bit competitive!!!  BUT, her goal was to finish under 10 minutes, and her time was 9:31!!! 
I love to run.  It's painful and torture sometimes, but I love it.  Races are so much fun too.  That atmosphere is so fun and everyone supports each other.  Watching Katelyn and Annie run was one of my favorite things ever.  They did so well, and I am so excited to have this baby and start running again so I can race with them.  It's great to see the excitement in your child's eyes when they accomplish a goal... and realize that they did a really good job!!!


Christina Mangelson said...

hahahaha.....I can't believe you got on the track and ran with her. That is the best picture.

Good job Annie & Katelynn

Brittney said...

Wow, good for them. I ran 3 miles last night and it nearly killed me! That's awesome that you motivate your girls too. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!

the heiner family said...

That is awesome! They both did so well! So I am sad I didn't see you guys there...I was running that half marathon...what a rip off!

The Evers Family said...

Love the picture of you running with her. Made me miss you that much more.