Thursday, November 18, 2010

Halloween... Finally!

 Dr. Annie
Pirate Katelyn and one of her BFFs

(I seriously didn't get a picture of the finished product... lame i know!)
the girls' friends helped dig out the guts.

 We've collected a lot of costumes over the years so for the trunk-o-treat annie decided to be a vampire.
(those are her real eyelashes... amazing!)

Alexis thought everything was too scary, so she wouldn't dress up.  I did end up putting some make-up on her, but she never saw herself!  and yes, i dressed up for about an hour, then the wings and halo had to go... no laughing!
treats i made for a party.  they actually tasted pretty darn good!

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Erick & Molly said...

Those treats are SUPER AWESOME!! I am going to have to remember those next year!