Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Regatta-- first weekend in Novemeber

On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning you can go outside early in the morning and see at least 10 balloons in the sky.  Then on Saturday night main street is closed for the Balloon Festival.  Balloonist from all over some set up, tons of vendors set up booths, and it's a great night to walk up and down the street.  We saw all our friends, ate some delicious kettle corn and just had a really fun night as a family.  The balloonist have a count down and all light up their balloons at the same time.  It was so awesome!

 On Sunday morning I had gotten all the girls ready for church, and I was upstairs drying my hair.  All of a sudden I heard a really loud noise and knew it was the flame of a hot air balloon... but it was way to close!  So i ran outside onto the deck that's outside my bedroom and saw this!!  A balloon was having trouble and had to land pretty much in our neighbors front yard!  The girls were freaking out, so I let them run over there and watch the balloon be deflated. 

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Unknown said...

Hey Ang- It looks like you have had alot of busy fun with your darling fam. Seriously your girls are so darling! I loved the story about the sex of your 5th child and the blue icee... That is so precious! Love it. Take care. P.S. You are 2 weeks ahead of me. I get to find out the sex next month (I HOPE!) take care. Jen