Tuesday, December 18, 2007

times sure does fly

so i can't believe it has been about 2 weeks since my last post. time is getting away from me. my lil' bro is on a mission and i totally planned on being the coolest sister and sending him stuff all the time, like for halloween, thanksgiving, etc... i had the 12 days 'til Christmas in the works for him, and on the 13th (12 days 'til Christmas) i realized i hadn't sent him anything yet. man i'm awesome. at least i did get all the stuff i bought him in the mail so he'll have it for Christmas! maybe he'll feel like he hit the jackpot. next...i really wanted to have family pics to put in our Christmas cards...and here it is and we still haven't taken one. i'm scrapping the idea and putting a pic of the girls with santa in the cards instead...which i will be working on ALL FREAKIN' DAY so our friends get them before 2008!!! i have gotten all of my shopping done, stockings and all. that is a huge accomplishment for me, because i'm usually finishing up on Christmas Eve!!

another way time is flying by is that derek just finished his 3rd semester of law school. i remember the day he came home and told me he wanted to quit the police department and go back to school. it felt like we would never graduate with BAs let alone actually make it to law school....now we're half way through. i'm so proud of derek. he's worked so hard, and it's totally paying off. it feels like i'm going to wake up and he'll be graduating!

i was watching my girls play this morning (they didn't know i was watching) and i about started bawling. annie will be 5 in february, samantha will be 2 in may, and katleyn will be 7 in june. holy crap i can't believe they are getting so big. time is going WAY TOO FAST!!!


The Kahumokus said...

Isn't time a funny thing? Sometimes the days drag on but the years fly by. I don't get it!

Sarah said...

i know how you feel. Doesn't it feel like we were just at good old SHS! or hanging out at girls camp. or what about youth conference at BYU!!! that was the best! lol. funny memories

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know it's been forever, but finals are over and now I can blog! Anyways, I thought that it was so cute you started crying watching your girls play...it must have been a moment when they werent fighting! Ha, Ha, you know I can only say that because I'm in the same situation you are! Can't wait to catch up with ya!