Thursday, December 20, 2007

holy freeholies

derek has been planning on going to vegas this weekend for about 3 months, but the plan was he would be leaving friday. well, our friend, debbie, is a flight attendant and we are able to buy "buddy passes" from her...MUCH CHEAPER. the only catch is that you have to fly stand by. anyway, derek started freaking out today worrying that he wouldn't get on a flight tomorrow, so he decided to leave today. which is great, except we had signed up to have the missionaries over for dinner at 5pm. so, i asked my other friend, teri, to bring her family over for dinner too...can't just be me and the missionaries. anyway, it was 4:40pm and derek leaves. at 4:41 my sister calls, but i tell her i'm too busy to talk. at 4:43 my mother-in-law, marjean, calls but at 4:43 and 10 seconds debbie calls so i ask marjean to hold on a sec. debbie called to remind me that midwest airlines has a policy that standbys can't wear jeans (oh @$#&)...they have to be in khakis etc...i started freaking out, because derek was in jeans. so i hang up with debbie and then try to hang up on marjean so i can hurry and call derek. the first call to derek marjean says hello (apparently i didn't hang up on her) and i tell her i can't talk and hang up on her again. 5 calls later derek picks up and i scream "DO YOU HAVE KHAKIS IN YOUR SUITCASE?!?!" he's like, "ya........why?" so i tell him the story and it's no big deal he just changed at the airport. well, now it's 4:59 dinner's not ready and teri's got about 20 minutes before she can come over, and like usual the missionaries are right on time. i open the door and say "derek's not here, but the kellers are coming over so you can still eat here, but not for 15 minutes so can you go visit someone else for 15 minutes?!" they did, and when they came back we actually had a really good dinner...and it was a good time with the kellers. (teri and i had a good laugh watching wildboyz. i love steve-o...for thoses of you who don't know, or haven't noticed...he's derek's identical twin!!)

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JoAnna Anderson said...

THE ARE TWINS...I always felt like Derek looked familar! hahahha love the post.