Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Omaha Reunion

Annie and Lex ready for our 5 hour drive up to Salt Lake City.  We made it up there around 6pm, picked up Grandma Helen and went to IV for dinner... of course!  Wednesday we did a little school shopping and then headed to Heber City to see the Goates' new home.  It was wonderful seeing all of them.
Lex and Mills

remember this guy?!?!  Shauna and I wondered if the ackwardness would start up yet, but not even close.  they acted like they've seen each other everyday!!  Annie's grown just a little bit!!  Alex has some catching up to do!!
derek and alex talking about "the jazz"  After spending a couple hours in Heber we headed back to salt lake.  the smiths, evers (minus mitch), the goates, and us met up at Cafe Rio for dinner.
Samantha, Ben, Kambryn, Jantsen, Creighton
Shauna, Rich, and Amelia
Allie (don't worry Mitch.... it was no fun at all!)
Kyle and Janel
Alex, Jackson, Katelyn, Annie, Easton, Alexis, Shauna
after dinner we went to "Classic" to play and meet up with a bunch of other people.  it was a blast.  litterally!  we all got in the "blaster zone" together and shot each other with foam balls and got all hot and sweaty!!  It was so fun to see everyone!  I didn't do a very good job with the camera, and i ended up not getting a picture of Katelyn's age group or Lexi's age group.  Next time!!! 
Isaac Taylor, Lexi Hopkinson, Annie and Alex
Shauna and Janel... i think they must have just shot derek in the face!!!
we are going to have some amazing pictures for their wedding video!!  (seriously...)
Creighton Evers, Gavin Hopkinson, Jackson Evers, Ben, Samantha, Riley and Ben Taylor


The Evers Family said...

I think Creighton is laying on the ground in every shot I have too. You got some cute ones though. Love the ones of Alex and Annie.

Angie said...

Which Cafe Rio did you go to? It looks like the one right by my best friend's house in Sandy. Maybe next year I will crash the VG reunion!

Shauna said...

Great Pictures!!! I wish we could have a reunion every month:)And I am pretty sure we had just nailed Derek in the face!