Wednesday, August 11, 2010


we started going to a water park every summer the thursday before the oliverson reunion.  we started out going  to raging waters, but the past couple of years we've gone to 7 peaks.  (spencer does trade work for tickets and hooks us all up!)  this year is was raining and pretty chilly when we first got to the park, but then the clouds parted, the temp rose to about 85 degrees and there were only about 20 cars in the parking lot the whole day.  it was PERFECT!
the little girls ran for the wave pool as soon as we walked in!
lex and lea like it best when the waves were turned OFF!
Derek and Jeff took Katelyn and Annie on the steepest slide FIRST!
Kristina, Lea, Sam, Lex and I stood at the bottom and watched!  Jeff went first...
I thought Katelyn would be freaked out, but she jumped on the slide like it was nothin'!
(did keep her legs crossed!!)
katie loved it.  she ended up going on it 3 more times.  she also did the boomerang 5 times and some other steep slides a bunch of times!!  after kate is was annie's turn.  she was terrified.  it took a lot more coaxing for her to finally go.
Annie finally got the guts to do it!
she ended up loving it and went a few more times too!
Derek was last... his wave was HUGE!!!  ha ha ha
the funniest part of the whole day was when kristina and i thought it would be a good idea to ride the boomerang together on a double tube.  it was TERRIFYING!!!  and the whole time i was screaming, "this was so stupid!" and 1 other choice word!  the next morning we started cracking up because we both had really stiff necks!  anyway, it was a great time.  Nancy and Jace were there with us too.  
(We missed you, Becks.)

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kristina said...

I'm so glad SOMEONE remembered to take pictures. And I'm glad that no one took our picture on that stupid ride. Even though it was hilarious. I love Sam's little pose in the first picture! (I'm hoping there is a picture of you in the mix and you just chose not to post it. . . otherwise I failed at our deal to make sure we both get recorded as being there!)