Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yay! Then again maybe not. then agian...

k, i'm going to make this really short.  jeff has been trying to get a teaching job in cedar for a couple years.  it just wasn't working out.  when derek got the job in page he started looking at the teaching jobs there for jeff.  long story short on may 6th we found out jeff got a job in page.  we (derek and i) were SO STINKIN' EXCITED!  so all of us (derek's siblings except for jace and nancy) went to texas roadhouse to celebrate.  it's the first time we've all gone out i think.  it was a good time!!  anyway, come to find out jeff and kristina didn't feel too good about the job in page.  derek and i were upset to say the least!  we were just a little excited of the thought of them living SO CLOSE to us.  and i was super excited to think that i would get to see elea every day and do her hair!  but they knew what they were doing.  jeff ended up getting the perfect job in st. george.  so now when i say "we" i mean EVERYONE is very very happy for them! 


kristina said...

LOL-- I should have had you write my post about the whole thing! You managed to explain in 5 sentences what took me 5 PARAGRAPHS!

I hadn't seen these pics before, thanks for posting them!

(maybe the cockroach on the table was a bad omen. . .)

angie said...

ew... totally forgot about that!! and yes, i think you're probably right about the omen!!