Friday, June 18, 2010

derek, your FIRED!

i can't leave this part of the story out...  when derek told his bosses in kingman that he was leaving to take the job in Page they were not happy at all, and 1 of them fired derek on the spot.  derek was MAD.  i felt so bad for him and i'm not a fan of people being mean to my husband.  my mom was in kingman visiting and we came up with this fabulous cake for him!  it pretty much cracked us all up!!  (he ended up not really being fired and he was man enough to keep working there for 2 more weeks even though he really didn't want to after being pretend fired!!)


Edwards trio said...

Very clever and funny!

Unknown said...

nice picture of the trump in the background. haha i am glad that things are going well in page. totally weird that he is a judge. haha. congrats derek. we miss you guys!!