Thursday, August 20, 2009

Trip to Cali

so i finished hanging pictures/decor on thursday night and on friday morning we packed up and headed to long beach. it's about 4 hours from us. jeff and kristina met us there and we had a BLAST! i am already trying to figure out the next time we can go to the beach! friday we went to the beach for about an hour and then we went to dinner and walked around at the pier. the weather was so nice and everyone rode the ferris wheel.sorry, but there are seriously a million pics with this post!! saturday we spent 7 hours at huntington beach. my girls are awesome! they all loved the water and playing in the sand.
crazy uncle jeff getting ready to toss annie into a wave!

school was close to starting and katelyn and annie were really nervous. katelyn wouldn't talk to derek or me about it, but she poured her heart out to jeff when they were sitting on the beach together.

for some reason when i watched jeff and kristina leave with all their stuff it made me laugh so hard. they looked so dorky with the chairs on their backs!! ha ha it's making me laugh again just thinking about it!!! they were good sports and let me take a pic of them even though i was totally laughing at them!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
the kids were exhausted at the end of the day... lexi sleeping
sami sleeping!

when we ate dinner that night derek told our waiter that we were celebrating lexi's birthday so they brought out a HUGE pile of blue cotton candy. it was the best i've ever eaten!!

on sunday derek woke up feeling terrible. so he dropped us off at the condo jeff and kris were staying in and he went to the ER. they brought their really nice camera so we went outside for a photo shoot. this is a new face lexi's been doing. she scrunches up her face and sniffs her nose really loud. it's hilarious and i'm really glad we got it in a pic!!

love love love love love love this pic of alexis! she is the happiest, sweetest little baby and this picture totally captures it.

so kristina and i always talk about how we always take all the pictures so we're never documented being at any "functions". since pictures were actually taken of us this trip i feel like i have to post them... as attractive as they all are!! ha ha ha

it was seriously such a good trip. i'm so glad we squeezed it in before school started and stuff.


Bobi Jensen said...

Looks like fun!


kristina said...

NEXT TIME I give you pictures from my camera remind me to do a little censoring---

Or maybe I could just try not looking like a complete dork every time my picture is taken!

I'm so glad you guys came out even though the timing wasn't fabulous!

Mekelle said...

Your girls have grown up sooooo much this summer! They are so beautiful! Cute family Angie :)

Christina Mangelson said...

It looks like you had a great time. I love all of the individual pictures of the girls. They are all so beautiful!

Shauna said...

What fabulous pictures of your girls. My favorite is the one where they are looking out at the ocean!

Sugar Jars said...

I am so glad I found your blog, your girls are so cute. I love the pictures you posted. It looks like you guys have lots of fun!!


Gwen said...

What a great vacation. I love the pictures of your girls. Cute as can be.

camille swain said...

that looks like such a fun trip!

Melanie said...