Thursday, August 20, 2009

moving in

we're all settled. it's a great feeling. i actually just finished "organizing" the garage today. the day we moved in feels like 100 years ago... i can't believe it was just last week. anyway... i had come to kingman and found this house without derek. he was too busy studying for the bar exam and couldn't miss a day of studying. (i've already posted about that!) so, i was really excited for him to finally see what i found for us. jen, spencer, jeff, kristina, and marjean all helped us move. it was great to have to much help with all of our crap and the kids! all of us girls came straight to the house. the guys all had to go to our storage unit, load up the uhaul, and then drive the long way to kingman. you can't drive uhauls over the hoover dam. so i was ready with the camera when derek walked in the door.

the girls were pretty good sports while we moved everything in and put stuff away. i let them play with the camera and later when i looked at the pictures they had taken it totally cracked me up!!

(annie's bedding is cute, huh?!)


Mekelle said...

I love your place Angie! It is beautiful--Congrats, and way cute pictures!!

Shauna said...

The pics of Annie are classic, I especially love when she holds out her fingers with a hip pose...:)

Bonnie said...

Yea! I am excited to see pictures of your new house. Do you love it? The girls are so gorgeous, I love the beach pics. We miss you!