Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Katelyn Turned 8 on June 8th

Derek had a lunch date with his new boss on June 8th, and we wanted some time to "get to know" Kingman. We went down June 7th, spent the night and then spent the day in Kingman until the afternoon. Then we booked it back to St. George for Katelyn's birthday party. This is the rockin' awesome bridge that is being build over the canyon by the Hoover Dam. When it's done it will be a 4 lane highway that bypasses the dam... instead of a 2 lane road that is so packed with dam traffic that it takes an hour just to drive over it. I seriously can't wait for it to be finished. I won't be the first to drive over it though!!!
My sweet Katelyn Grace. 8 YEARS OLD!!! Her cousin, Taylor, curled her hair all cute. Katie also went out to lunch and clothes shopping with her Grandma O. And her Aunt Jen took her and a bunch of kids to see the movie "UP". Then we had her birthday party at a splash park with family. We ate Lil' Ceasars pizza and Costco cupcakes!! This was a year of me being basically absent for all my kids' birthdays. Thanks to Derek's family for making Katie's day a great one!

Katelyn's cousin, Jordyn, made her this candy bouquet. (it's july 1st and i'm still cleaning up jolly rancher wrappers!)

Katelyn really, really, really wanted a game called "Apples to Apples" for her birthday. Her Grandma Sully got it for her and she was super excited!

Katie got the traditional 8 year old gift of scriptures with her name engraved on them.
Her Aunt Shanna got her a pretty white flower to wear in her hair on her baptism day (and some other flower clips).

Derek and I also got Katelyn a really pretty white dress to wear at her baptism. This was when she saw it for the first time. (You can see the dress in an upcoming post!)

Katelyn was being a chicken and not wanting to get wet. So I threw her over my shoulder and ran her through the fountains!!! It was prety hot, so it felt good to get wet!!

Katie was still eating her cupcake, so...

When I picked her up to take her in the water again she shoved it in my face!! I had frosting EVERYWHERE!

Katelyn... I love you! I can't believe how grown up you are!!


Shauna said...

What a fun birthday! We are excited to see Katelyn in her new dress! (Where is the caterpillar?:)

Mekelle said...

Angie! You are so cute! You have such a beautiful family, they are growing up so fast.

The Evers Family said...

That 1st picture of Katelyn looks SO much like your sister. I least.