Tuesday, June 10, 2008

yeeeeeehaaawwww! lots o' pics

katelyn wanted to go to coco keys (an indoor water park here in omaha) for her birthday, so even though katleyn's bday was sunday we actually started celebrating it friday. we gave katelyn her present early too...derek and i aren't very good at waiting!! she really wanted a nintendo ds, but we told her there was no way because of $. so she was anxious to see how disappointed she was about to be! haha she was super excited when she realized we had actually gotten it for her. (thanks to the birthday $ grandma & grandpa o. and great grandma and great grandpa o. sent!!) she also got a couple of really cute outfits from grandma and grandpa sullivan, and a necklace and some books from uncle jeff and aunt kristina.

we had a blast at the water park. we went from 11am-1pm then left to eat lunch and take naps. then we went back from 5pm-8:30pm. it was a great day.
samantha went on this slide about 1,000,000,000 times!!
at the top of this tower there was a huge bucket that would slowly fill up with water and then dump out. derek and the girls loved getting drenched by all the water.

alright, now on to the cake! growing up in my family it was a given that you were going to have an ugly birthday cake. i don't know why, but we always had cake catastophes!!! big chunks missing and the hole filled with frosting, icing it before the cake had time to cool enought, so big chunks of cake mixed in the frosting...you get the point. well, since having kids i've always bought them a wal-mart cake, or a dairy queen ice cream cake...etc. this year i just decided to make one. ha ha ha big mistake. apparently ugly cakes run in my blood!!!

when katelyn saw it she didn't know how to react!! it was pretty funny. i do have to say that even though it was ugly there wasn't one crumb left.

the night before was the night of the tornado. our friends' basement got flooded because of all the rain. so after church derek and a bunch of the elders went to help them shop vac and tear out the carpet. we ended up having a huge spaghetti dinner with them and 2 other families for katelyn's birthday dinner. luckily it's easy to double crock pot spaghetti sauce and cook a bunch of noodles. maybe a little too easy, since i came home with about 10 gallons of leftovers!!! i think katleyn had a good day/weekend.

(oh, on saturday we took the kids to see kung fu panda. IT'S SO GOOD!! take your kids...it's totally worth it.)


Angie said...

looks like a lot of fun. Thanks again for all of your help

kristina said...

I busted up laughing when I saw the cake.

For some reason I was expecting this amazing cake-- thinking that you had grown out of the sullivan cake curse.

BUT. I guess not.

It sounded like she had a good bday-- I should have realized that Nancy Drew can't compete with Nintendo DS and gotten her a game. O-well.

Christina Mangelson said...

Happy Birthday!. You are so stinkin cute. We wish we were there it looks like you had a blast.

Unknown said...

Gosh I wish St. George would build an awesome water feature, I mean were filled with LDS familys HELLO! how fun though! P.S. The cake is funny! all I can say is HEY it gets eaten and you did say there wan't a bite left! HOW are you feeling? HOW long do you have left?

Shanna said...

Thanks for the laugh Ang! I LOVE THE CAKE!!!!! You should have made her some jello too!!! Just Kiddin. That park looks so fun, I wish we had one like that.

Andrew and Candice Heaton said...

Katelyn looks so big! I always spend tons of time making Grace a cake but this year I just didn't have it in me so we picked one up from Costco and she thought it was the most beautiful cake she had ever seen! (I tried not to be offended by that but I am wondering if this whole homemade cake thing is all its cracked up to be)

Jaimie said...

What a fun birthday! The birthday girl looked very happy. I think you have the most beautiful girls Angie. They look like their mama. It's so fun for me to see you and your little family.